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12 Most Expensive Hotels

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Matakauri Lodge

New Zealand, South Island, Queenstown

12 rooms from $11411

Hotel Picture
North Island

Seychelles, Indian Ocean, North Island

11 rooms from $7809

Hotel Picture
Frégate Island Private

Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Frégate Island

17 rooms from $5469

Hotel Picture

Madagascar, Indian Ocean, Nosy Ankao

14 rooms from $5000

Hotel Picture
Laucala Island

Fiji, South Sea, Laucala Island

25 rooms from $5000

Hotel Picture
Vedema Resort, Santorini

Greece, Mediterranean Sea, Santorini Island, Megalohori

56 rooms from $4655

Hotel Picture
Le K2 Altitude

France, The Alps, Courchevel 1850

32 rooms from $4526

Hotel Picture
Singita Lebombo Lodge

South Africa, Kruger National Park

14 rooms from $3880

Hotel Picture
Singita Sweni Lodge

South Africa, Kruger National Park

7 rooms from $3880

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