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Welcome to the world’s top 1,000 hotels!

Dear Hotel Aficionado,

This website is entirely for YOU.

You cannot book here but you CAN find your dream destination in no time, without disappointment and regrets.

Since we do not receive any financial rewards from the hotels, our hotel selection is truly independent and unbiased. Only quality matters.

So, how do we find out what the best hotels are?

1. Initially, I started with the world’s generally recognized top 3,000 hotels before narrowing the list down to the top 1,500;

2. After visiting, inspecting and/or staying at 1,200 of these, I finally lost patience with the imperfections at too many hotels and decided to narrow the list of qualifying hotels to the world’s top 1,000 hotels;

3. These hotels are assessed based ONLY on expert opinion and verified guest reviews;

4. Major expert assessment criteria feature those elements important to guests: Hotel employees’ service delivery & emotional engagement; services offered by the hotel; furnishings; maintenance status and state of repair; room rate; room count; spa/wellness and food & beverage offerings; views; property dimensions; location; as well as comparisons with other properties in the region;

5. Hotels that score below 90% on TrustYou Meta Guest Reviews are removed automatically from the platform;

6. In addition to TRUE 5 STARS, I provide Quality Assurance for luxury hotels with my prominent colleagues at DNA-QA

Any questions or comments?

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Enjoy the adventure!


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