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TRUE 5 STARS is the world's only comprehensive and most exclusive selection of luxury hotels.

How does TRUE 5 STARS admit new hotels?

Since the hotels pay no fee to be listed, new hotels are admitted solely based on their superior quality, i.e. they clearly exceed the average 5-star hotel.

Why does TRUE 5 STARS not charge the hotels a listing fee?

TRUE 5 STARS does not charge hotels a listing fee in order to avoid any conflicts of financial interest and to select hotels 100% unbiased and truly independent, only based on their quality.

Why use TRUE 5 STARS?

Using true5stars.com saves you a lot of time provided you do not settle for the second best. You will find all and only the very best places to stay here.

Who is behind TRUE 5 STARS?

My name is Jochen Ehrhardt and I am the founder of TRUE 5 STARS. I consider myself very fortunate that I have visited or stayed at more than 1,200 of the world's finest hotels in 66 countries on all six continents.

I have been to all major cities in the world and have lived in New York, Shanghai, Cape Town, Berlin and Bangkok. Therefore in June 2017 we added "Places" to the website to highlight my personal favorite cities.

I have also included safaris, which have become a favorite adventure over the years. As an animal lover and protector there is nothing better than watching wild animals roam freely in their natural habitat.

How can I get in touch?

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