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6 nights / 6 days / 6 couples

Tradition & Luxury — Bangkok is the most exciting, most diverse and most happening city as well as the new gourmet heaven in Asia

Stay — at the two most authentic Thai luxury hotels in beautiful suites

Afraid of heights — sip cocktails at the most spectacular rooftop bars

High cuisine — dine at highly-acclaimed restaurants

Low cuisine — taste the yummiest street food

Culture — dive deep into the Thai way of living

History — learn about the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized

Sightseeing — you won’t miss a thing

Luxury Hotels Worldwide — talk shop with the founder of TRUE 5 STARS

6 couples — the idea is to have six couples from six different countries, exceptions apply, e.g. when the tour is booked by one group or two/three couples are traveling together

This is a high-end guided tour for luxury travelers who want to experience a city from a very different perspective, guided by two insiders, a native from Bangkok and the founder of TRUE 5 STARS who has made Bangkok his home after having lived on four continents.

How to inquire and book:

Your preferred travel dates
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Guide Fee directly payable with TRUE 5 STARS

At least one guide spends the entire day with the group, from after breakfast to dinner. Everything is organized in advance by TRUE 5 STARS, from limousine transfer to hotel and dining reservations etc.

Hotel and dining expenses, entrance fees etc. are conveniently paid directly at the hotels, restaurants, sightseeing venues etc.

Please note that transportation to and from Bangkok, i.e. flights etc. needs to be booked by each participating couple individually.


View animals from close range in their natural habitat

Sleep in the 150 most luxurious safari lodges in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, India and Thailand

Experience two daily game drives

Take your sundowner in the wild and have dinner with your hosts

How to inquire and book:

Your preferred travel dates
Number and names of travelers
How to reach you

All payments are made directly with the Safari operator(s) — we will explain and detail every step


We understand travelling in style isn’t easy. This is where this website comes in handy, a neutral platform of only the very best of the best hotels. Rest assured, we got them all.

Honeymoon, wedding anniversary, divorce, birthday, company anniversary, golf, beach, city, mountain, country, desert or safari? Or simply sleeping in the world’s most iconic hotels?

Since we also understand that finding the perfect place to stay is still not easy we’d be delighted to share our experience and expertise with you.

Please take 5 minutes and let us know about your travel preferences and we’ll be in touch with to you shortly.

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By the way, we are not a tour operator, but a bunch of luxury hotel aficionados trying to reach out and offer our expertise.

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