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Villa Magna

Time: 11:23 / Sunrise: 06:45 / Sunset: 21:48

Madrid 28046, Paseo de La Castellana, 22, Salamanca, Spain

rates* from 428 USD / night


Hotel Group Mytha Hotel Anthology
Affiliation The Leading Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 428 USD
Opening Year 1972
Renovation Year 2009
Floors 9


Total Guest Rooms 150
Rooms 100
Suites 50
Smallest Bedroom 30 m² / 322 ft²
Largest Bedroom 290 m² / 3121 ft²


Spa/Wellness 150 m² / 1614 ft²
Treatment Areas 2


Restaurants 3


Butler Service partly, City, Garden, Gym, Sauna, Spa, Steam, The Leading Hotels of the World


Destination Information

Fundación Carlos de Amberes 0.25 Km away
Beti Jai fronton 0.27 Km away
Palacio de Indo 0.29 Km away
Rubén Darío (Madrid Metro) 0.36 Km away
Instituto Valencia of Don Juan 0.39 Km away
List of ambassadors of Ireland to Spain 0.47 Km away
Palace of Villamejor 0.47 Km away
Castellana (Madrid) 0.47 Km away
San Fermín de los Navarros 0.47 Km away
Assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco 0.52 Km away
Torres de Colón 0.53 Km away
Serrano (Madrid Metro) 0.53 Km away
International Institute (Madrid) 0.53 Km away
Almagro (Madrid) 0.53 Km away
Line 5 (Madrid Metro) 0.53 Km away
PHotoEspaña 0.55 Km away
Colón (Madrid Metro) 0.56 Km away
Núñez de Balboa (Madrid Metro) 0.57 Km away
Plaza de Colón 0.59 Km away
Wax Museum of Madrid 0.62 Km away
Palacio del Duque de Uceda (Plaza de Colón) 0.65 Km away
List of ambassadors of Jordan to Spain 0.66 Km away
Recoletos (Madrid) 0.67 Km away
Line 4 (Madrid Metro) 0.68 Km away
Sorolla Museum 0.7 Km away
Alonso Martínez (Madrid Metro) 0.7 Km away
ESDEN Business School 0.71 Km away
Velázquez (Madrid Metro) 0.72 Km away
Convento de los Agustinos Recoletos (Madrid) 0.73 Km away
Historical American Exposition 0.75 Km away
National Archaeological Museum (Madrid) 0.75 Km away
Teatro Chueca 0.77 Km away
Church of La Concepción 0.77 Km away
Convent of the Salesas Reales 0.78 Km away
Santa Bárbara, Madrid 0.78 Km away
Chamberí 0.82 Km away
Chamberí (Madrid Metro) 0.84 Km away
Longoria Palace 0.87 Km away
Salamanca (Madrid) 0.89 Km away
Theatre of María Guerrero 0.89 Km away
IE Business School 0.91 Km away
IE School of International Relations 0.92 Km away
Café Gijón 0.92 Km away
Line 7 (Madrid Metro) 0.94 Km away
Church of La Milagrosa 0.94 Km away
Paseo de Recoletos 0.94 Km away
Gregorio Marañón (Madrid Metro) 0.95 Km away
Anglican Cathedral of the Redeemer 0.96 Km away
Justicia (Madrid) 0.97 Km away
Museum of Romanticism (Madrid) 1.01 Km away
Church of San Manuel y San Benito (Madrid) 1.04 Km away
Príncipe de Vergara (Madrid Metro) 1.05 Km away
Iglesia (Madrid Metro) 1.06 Km away
Aguirre School 1.09 Km away
Lista (Madrid Metro) 1.09 Km away
Trafalgar (Madrid) 1.09 Km away
Retiro (Madrid Metro) 1.1 Km away
Goya (Madrid) 1.1 Km away
Plaza de la Independencia (Madrid) 1.12 Km away
Puerta de Alcalá 1.12 Km away
Chueca (Madrid Metro) 1.15 Km away
Beth Yaacov Synagogue (Madrid, Spain) 1.15 Km away
Museo de Historia de Madrid 1.16 Km away
Real Hospicio de San Fernando 1.17 Km away
Tribunal (Madrid Metro) 1.17 Km away
Royal Academy of Pharmacy 1.18 Km away
Café Comercial 1.18 Km away
Bilbao (Madrid Metro) 1.18 Km away
Palace of Linares 1.19 Km away
Glorieta de Bilbao 1.19 Km away
Residencia de Estudiantes 1.2 Km away
National Historical Archive (Spain) 1.21 Km away
Lista (Madrid) 1.21 Km away
Diego de León (Madrid Metro) 1.24 Km away
Ermita de San Pelayo y San Isidoro 1.24 Km away
Chueca 1.25 Km away
City Council of Madrid 1.27 Km away
Plaza de Cibeles 1.27 Km away
Cercanías Madrid 1.28 Km away
Madrid Defense Council 1.28 Km away
Siege of Madrid 1.28 Km away
Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid 1.28 Km away
Edificio Rockefeller 1.3 Km away
Goya (Madrid Metro) 1.3 Km away
House of las Siete Chimeneas 1.31 Km away
Alonso Cano (Madrid Metro) 1.31 Km away
Avenida de América (Madrid Metro) 1.32 Km away
Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas 1.33 Km away
Banco de España (Madrid Metro) 1.35 Km away
Homeopathic Institute and Hospital of San José 1.36 Km away
Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas 1.36 Km away
Entreculturas 1.37 Km away
Teatro Apolo (Madrid) 1.39 Km away
Quevedo (Madrid Metro) 1.41 Km away
Church of San José (Madrid) 1.41 Km away
Bank of Spain 1.41 Km away
Palacio del Marqués de Alcañices 1.43 Km away
Palacio del Marqués de Casa Riera 1.44 Km away
Edificio Grassy 1.47 Km away
San Bernardo (Madrid Metro) 1.48 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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