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Villa Cora

Time: 11:26 / Sunrise: 05:50 / Sunset: 20:51

Florence 50125, Viale Machiavelli 18, Fringe Location, Tuscany, Italy

rates* from 435 USD / night

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Affiliation The Leading Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 435 USD
Renovation Year 2010
Floors 3
Buildings 3


Total Guest Rooms 46
Rooms 38
Suites 8
Smallest Bedroom 20 m² / 215 ft²
Largest Bedroom 100 m² / 1076 ft²


Spa/Wellness 100 m² / 1076 ft²
Treatment Areas 2
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 16 m / 52 ft – 160 m² / 1722 ft²


Restaurants 1


Boutique, City, Garden, Gym, Hamam, Historic, Sauna, Spa, Swimming Pool Outdoor, The Leading Hotels of the World


Peretola Airport 6.78 Km away
Siena-Ampugnano Airport 55.7 Km away
Pisa International Airport 69.18 Km away
Forlì Airport 81.85 Km away
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport 86.59 Km away


Destination Information

Monument to Daniele Manin, Florence 0.3 Km away
Arcetri 0.43 Km away
Porta Romana, Florence 0.59 Km away
Boboli Gardens 0.59 Km away
Porcelain Museum (Florence) 0.66 Km away
San Leonardo in Arcetri 0.68 Km away
Villa Romana Prize 0.75 Km away
Tribune of Galileo 0.8 Km away
La Specola 0.81 Km away
Boboli obelisk 0.81 Km away
Belvedere (fort) 0.84 Km away
San Gaggio, Florence 0.85 Km away
San Felice, Florence 0.87 Km away
Teatro Goldoni (Florence) 0.87 Km away
Villa del Poggio Imperiale 0.9 Km away
L'Istituto Statale della Ss. Annunziata 0.9 Km away
Casa Guidi 0.9 Km away
Palazzo Pitti 0.91 Km away
Villa Agape 0.94 Km away
Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite 0.95 Km away
Centro Machiavelli 1.04 Km away
Torre del Gallo 1.07 Km away
Giardino Bardini 1.07 Km away
San Giorgio alla Costa 1.07 Km away
Palazzo di Bianca Cappello 1.1 Km away
Santo Spirito, Florence 1.12 Km away
Santa Felicita, Florence 1.14 Km away
Capponi Chapel 1.15 Km away
St Mark's English Church, Florence 1.16 Km away
Column of Santa Felicita, Florence 1.16 Km away
Palazzo Mozzi 1.18 Km away
Santa Lucia dè Magnoli 1.18 Km away
Palazzo Nasi 1.2 Km away
Palazzo Capponi alle Rovinate 1.2 Km away
Brancacci Chapel 1.21 Km away
Palazzo Tempi 1.21 Km away
Palazzo Frescobaldi, Florence 1.21 Km away
San Francesco di Paola, Florence 1.21 Km away
Torre dei Rossi-Cerchi 1.21 Km away
Fontana dello Sprone 1.22 Km away
Torre dei Mannelli 1.23 Km away
Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence 1.23 Km away
Palazzo Torrigiani Del Nero 1.24 Km away
San Jacopo sopr'Arno 1.24 Km away
Piazza Tasso, Florence 1.25 Km away
Palazzo Magnani Feroni 1.27 Km away
Ponte Vecchio 1.28 Km away
Palazzo Rinuccini 1.3 Km away
Ponte Santa Trinita 1.31 Km away
Ponte alle Grazie 1.33 Km away
Vasari Corridor 1.33 Km away
San Salvatore a Camaldoli 1.33 Km away
Monument to Nicola Demidoff, Florence 1.34 Km away
Villa Il Gioiello 1.34 Km away
Cimitero delle Porte Sante 1.35 Km away
Museo Galileo 1.35 Km away
San Niccolò Oltrarno 1.37 Km away
Tribuna of the Uffizi 1.38 Km away
Santo Stefano al Ponte 1.38 Km away
Torre degli Amidei 1.38 Km away
Giardino delle rose (Firenze) 1.39 Km away
Palazzo Serristori, Oltrarno 1.39 Km away
Monument of Piazza Mentana 1.39 Km away
Palazzo Borgherini-Rosselli del Turco 1.4 Km away
Santi Apostoli, Florence 1.4 Km away
Torre dei Pulci 1.4 Km away
Uffizi 1.4 Km away
Salvatore Ferragamo Museum 1.4 Km away
Palazzo Spini Feroni 1.4 Km away
San Miniato al Monte 1.41 Km away
Palazzo Malenchini Alberti 1.43 Km away
Torre dei Gianfigliazzi 1.43 Km away
Arno (department) 1.43 Km away
Ponte alla Carraia 1.45 Km away
San Frediano in Cestello 1.45 Km away
Santa Maria Sopra Porta, Florence 1.45 Km away
Palazzo di Parte Guelfa 1.45 Km away
Santa Trinita 1.46 Km away
Piazza Santa Trinita 1.46 Km away
Palazzo Busini Bardi 1.47 Km away
Giardino Botanico Tropicale dell'Istituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare 1.47 Km away
Sassetti Chapel 1.47 Km away
Bartolini Salimbeni Chapel 1.47 Km away
Pasquino Group 1.48 Km away
Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni 1.48 Km away
Palazzo Corsini (Via del Parione) 1.48 Km away
Medici lions 1.48 Km away
Loggia dei Lanzi 1.48 Km away
Hercules and Cacus 1.49 Km away
Perseus with the Head of Medusa 1.49 Km away
Palazzo Minerbetti 1.49 Km away
Palazzo Davanzati 1.5 Km away
San Remigio, Florence 1.5 Km away
Crossing of the Red Sea (Bronzino) 1.51 Km away
Studiolo of Francesco I 1.51 Km away
Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali, Florence 1.51 Km away
Palazzo Bartolini-Torrigiani 1.52 Km away
Loggia del Mercato Nuovo 1.52 Km away
Monument to Carlo Goldoni 1.52 Km away
Piazza della Signoria 1.52 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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