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The Yeatman

Time: 22:33 / Sunrise: 06:01 / Sunset: 21:10

Porto 4400-088, Rua do Choupelo (Sta. Marinha), Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

rates* from 215 USD / night


Affiliation Relais & Chateaux
Accolades 2 Michelin Stars
Rates* per Night from 215 USD
Opening Year 2010
Floors 5
Hotel Grounds 3 hectares / 6 acres


Total Guest Rooms 82
Rooms 71
Suites 11
Smallest Bedroom 36 m² / 387 ft²
Largest Bedroom 102 m² / 1097 ft²
Largest Bedroom Indoor 90 m² / 968 ft² – Outdoor 12 m² / 129 ft²


Spa/Wellness 2000 m² / 21527 ft²
Treatment Areas 10
Pool(s) 2
Pool Size 39 m / 127 ft – 80 m² / 861 ft²
Second Pool Size 48 m / 157 ft – 145 m² / 1560 ft²


Restaurants 2


2 Michelin Stars, All Bedrooms have balconies, Boutique, City, Garden, Gym, Hamam, Hill, Relais & Chateaux, River, Sauna, Spa, Swimming Pool Indoor, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Taylor, Fladgate, & Yeatman 0.12 Km away
Vila Nova de Gaia 0.31 Km away
Portus Cale 0.31 Km away
Mafamude 0.37 Km away
2017 Red Bull Air Race of Porto 0.67 Km away
Santa Marinha e São Pedro da Afurada 0.71 Km away
Dom Luís I Bridge 0.76 Km away
Ribeira Square 0.79 Km away
Casa do Infante 0.81 Km away
Church of São Francisco (Porto) 0.86 Km away
Factory House 0.87 Km away
Funicular dos Guindais 0.88 Km away
Palácio da Bolsa 0.89 Km away
Episcopal Palace, Porto 0.94 Km away
Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro 1.01 Km away
Tower of D. Pedro Pitões 1.02 Km away
Palacette of Belomonte 1.02 Km away
Porto Cathedral 1.03 Km away
Igreja de Santa Clara (Porto) 1.04 Km away
Residence of Beco dos Redemoinhos 1.04 Km away
Casa da Câmara 1.06 Km away
Residence Rua de D. Hugo 1.07 Km away
Chafariz de São Miguel 1.07 Km away
Palace of São João Novo 1.07 Km away
Casa de Sá 1.07 Km away
Chafariz da Rua das Taipas 1.13 Km away
Residence of the Maias 1.15 Km away
English Club of Porto 1.16 Km away
Igreja de São Bento da Vitória 1.2 Km away
Portuguese Centre of Photography 1.25 Km away
Sé (Porto) 1.26 Km away
Alfândega Porto Congress Centre 1.28 Km away
Museum of Transport and Communication 1.28 Km away
Chafariz da Colher 1.32 Km away
São João National Theatre 1.33 Km away
São Bento railway station 1.35 Km away
Clérigos Church 1.35 Km away
Palácio da Justiça (Porto) 1.36 Km away
Batalha Square 1.39 Km away
Cinema Batalha (Porto) 1.42 Km away
Liberdade Square (Porto) 1.44 Km away
Casa Vicent 1.45 Km away
University of Porto 1.47 Km away
Maria Pia Bridge 1.49 Km away
Livraria Lello 1.49 Km away
Miragaia (Porto) 1.5 Km away
Fonte dos Leões 1.53 Km away
Coliseu do Porto 1.6 Km away
Ponte de São João 1.6 Km away
Rivoli Theatre (Portugal) 1.6 Km away
Convent of Santo António da Cidade 1.68 Km away
Municipal Library of Porto 1.68 Km away
Port Wine Museum 1.71 Km away
Palacette of the Visconts of Balsemão 1.71 Km away
Prado do Repouso 1.72 Km away
Palace of the Carrancas 1.73 Km away
Vitória (Porto) 1.73 Km away
Soares dos Reis National Museum 1.74 Km away
Devesas Factory Warehouse 1.78 Km away
Norte Region, Portugal 1.81 Km away
Pavilhão Rosa Mota 1.83 Km away
Porto District 1.84 Km away
Almeida Garrett Library 1.99 Km away
Tower of Pedro-Sem 2.0 Km away
Museu Militar do Porto 2.02 Km away
Casa Tait 2.05 Km away
Trindade station 2.06 Km away
Oliveira do Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia 2.1 Km away
Bonfim (Porto) 2.17 Km away
Santo Ildefonso (Porto) 2.2 Km away
Porto Tram Museum 2.29 Km away
Casa-oficina António Carneiro 2.4 Km away
Santa Marinha (Vila Nova de Gaia) 2.45 Km away
Grande Porto 2.49 Km away
Church of São Martinho de Cedofeita 2.57 Km away
Residence of Águas Férreas 2.61 Km away
Cedofeita 2.63 Km away
Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau e Vitória 2.63 Km away
Mafamude e Vilar do Paraíso 2.63 Km away
Porto School of Architecture 2.68 Km away
Massarelos 2.78 Km away
Campanhã railway station 2.86 Km away
Centre for Astrophysics of the University of Porto 2.86 Km away
Vilar do Paraíso 2.9 Km away
Freixo Bridge 2.96 Km away
São Pedro da Afurada 3.04 Km away
Casa-Museu Marta Ortigão Sampaio 3.04 Km away
Rotunda da Boavista 3.05 Km away
Deutsche Schule zu Porto 3.1 Km away
Casa da Música 3.16 Km away
Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia 3.19 Km away
Porto 3.26 Km away
Casa da Música station 3.31 Km away
Jardim Botânico do Porto 3.33 Km away
Palace of Freixo 3.36 Km away
College of the Marists 3.69 Km away
Madalena, Vila Nova de Gaia 3.74 Km away
Campanhã 3.86 Km away
Valbom 3.88 Km away
Casa Museu Fernando de Castro 3.92 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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