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Six Senses La Sagesse

Time: 13:05 / Sunrise: 05:41 / Sunset: 18:27

St. David, Caribbean, Grenada

rates* from 800 USD / night


Hotel Group Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas
Rates* per Night from 800 USD
Opening Year 2024
Hotel Grounds 15 hectares / 37 acres
High Season December – April
Low Season May – November


Total Guest Rooms 71
Rooms 56
Villas 15
Pool Villas/Suites 71
Smallest Bedroom 55 m² / 592 ft²
Largest Bedroom 883 m² / 9504 ft²
Largest Bedroom Indoor 540 m² / 5812 ft² – Outdoor 343 m² / 3692 ft²


Spa/Wellness 1827 m² / 19665 ft²
Treatment Areas 7
Pool(s) 2
Pool Size 345 m² / 3713 ft²
Second Pool Size 302 m² / 3250 ft²


Restaurants 3


All Bedrooms have balconies/terraces, Beach, Boutique, Butler Service partly, Eco, Fitness, Garden, Hill, Organic Food, Pet Friendly, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Outdoor

Destination Information

River of Little Marquis 0.9 Km away
La Chaussée River 0.9 Km away
River Petit Bacaye 1.08 Km away
Maulti 1.67 Km away
Bacolet, Grenada 1.77 Km away
Saint David Parish, Grenada 2.78 Km away
Saint Louis River (Grenada) 2.84 Km away
Becke Moui 2.84 Km away
Great Requin River 3.0 Km away
Little Requin River 3.0 Km away
Bois de Gannes 3.17 Km away
Crochu 4.22 Km away
Upper La Tante 4.22 Km away
Morne Tranquille 4.34 Km away
Chemin River 4.64 Km away
Menere River 5.53 Km away
Crochu River 5.53 Km away
La Tante River 5.53 Km away
Mamma Cannes 5.79 Km away
Calivigny 6.45 Km away
Morne Jaloux 6.45 Km away
Morne Jaloux Ridge 6.6 Km away
Saint Francis River (Grenada) 6.81 Km away
Great River of Grand Bacolet 6.81 Km away
Little River of Great Bacolet 6.81 Km away
Tempé River 7.24 Km away
Richmond Hill Prison 7.87 Km away
Sir Eric Matthew Gairy Botanical Gardens 8.21 Km away
Bon Accord River 8.25 Km away
Ka-fe Beau 8.38 Km away
Anglican High School (Grenada) 8.39 Km away
Willis, Grenada 8.4 Km away
Grenada Boys' Secondary School 8.41 Km away
Government House, Grenada 8.41 Km away
Tanteen Recreation Ground 8.59 Km away
Parliament of Grenada 8.6 Km away
New Parliament Building, Grenada 8.6 Km away
House of Representatives (Grenada) 8.6 Km away
Capture of Grenada (1779) 8.89 Km away
St. George's, Grenada 8.89 Km away
Saint George Parish, Grenada 8.89 Km away
Saint Johns River (Grenada) 8.89 Km away
Grenada National Museum 9.18 Km away
Chutz 9.25 Km away
Immaculate Conception Cathedral, St. George's 9.25 Km away
Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint George's in Grenada 9.27 Km away
Presentation Brothers College (Grenada) 9.29 Km away
L'Anse Aux Epines 9.37 Km away
Marquis, Grenada 9.39 Km away
National Cricket Stadium (Grenada) 9.52 Km away
Kirani James Athletic Stadium 9.71 Km away
Amber Belair 9.72 Km away
Union Village, Grenada 9.91 Km away
Grenville River 9.91 Km away
Deblando 9.91 Km away
MV Bianca C. 9.92 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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