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Rosewood Bermuda

Time: 14:01 / Sunrise: 06:16 / Sunset: 20:14

Tucker's Town HS 02, 60 Tucker's Point Drive, Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda

rates* from 1000 USD / night


Hotel Group Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
Accolades Forbes Four Stars
Rates* per Night from 1000 USD
Opening Year 2009
Renovation Year 2018
Floors 4
Hotel Grounds 97 hectares / 240 acres
High Season April – October
Low Season November – March


Total Guest Rooms 88
Rooms 68
Suites 20
Smallest Bedroom 46 m² / 499 ft²
Largest Bedroom 211 m² / 2274 ft²


Spa/Wellness 1114 m² / 11999 ft²
Treatment Areas 11
Pool(s) 4
Pool Size 30 m / 100 ft – 613 m² / 6599 ft²
Second Pool Size 27 m / 90 ft – 167 m² / 1799 ft²
Tennis Courts 4
Golf Holes 18


Restaurants 3


All Bedrooms have balconies/terraces, Beach, Beach Club, Boutique, Fitness, Forbes Four Stars, Garden, Golf, Hill, Marina, Spa, Swimming Pool Outdoor, Tennis


Destination Information

Mid Ocean Club 1.11 Km away
Trott's Pond (Bermuda) 1.24 Km away
Castle Harbour, Bermuda 1.52 Km away
Crystal Cave, Bermuda 1.64 Km away
Tucker's Town Peninsula, Bermuda 1.66 Km away
Mangrove Lake (Bermuda) 1.66 Km away
Tucker's Town, Bermuda 1.75 Km away
The Causeway, Bermuda 2.2 Km away
Harrington Sound 2.43 Km away
Devil's Hole, Bermuda 2.48 Km away
Coney Island, Bermuda 2.52 Km away
Trunk Island, Bermuda 2.6 Km away
Hamilton Parish 2.61 Km away
Bermuda Railway 2.61 Km away
Castle Islands Fortifications, Bermuda 2.68 Km away
Castle Island, Bermuda 2.69 Km away
Bailey's Bay, Bermuda 2.77 Km away
Rogue Island, Bermuda 2.9 Km away
Castle Roads 2.93 Km away
USCG Air Station Bermuda 3.06 Km away
Ferry Reach, Bermuda 3.11 Km away
Kindley Air Force Base 3.31 Km away
L.F. Wade International Airport 3.44 Km away
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences 3.48 Km away
Nonsuch Island, Bermuda 3.63 Km away
St. David's Island, Bermuda 3.68 Km away
Bermuda Weather Service 3.8 Km away
Spittal Pond Nature Reserve 3.87 Km away
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo 3.88 Km away
National Museum of Bermuda 3.89 Km away
Town Hill, Bermuda 3.99 Km away
Flatt's Inlet, Bermuda 4.05 Km away
Bermuda Motorsports Park 4.08 Km away
Cooper's Island, Bermuda 4.16 Km away
Smith's Parish 4.21 Km away
St. George's Parish, Bermuda 4.28 Km away
Bermuda 4.29 Km away
Gibbet Island, Bermuda 4.4 Km away
St. George's Harbour, Bermuda 4.49 Km away
Annie's Bay, Bermuda 4.6 Km away
Bermuda Pedestal 4.7 Km away
Bermuda Base Command 4.7 Km away
Fort George, Bermuda 4.86 Km away
Smith's Island, Bermuda 4.91 Km away
Historic Town of St George and Related Fortifications, Bermuda 4.94 Km away
St. George's, Bermuda 4.94 Km away
Ordnance Island 5.08 Km away
Verdmont 5.1 Km away
St. Peter's Church, St. George's 5.16 Km away
Convict's Bay, Bermuda 5.2 Km away
State House, Bermuda 5.22 Km away
Featherbed Alley Printshop 5.24 Km away
Stella Maris Church, St. George's 5.27 Km away
St. David's Lighthouse 5.34 Km away
St. George's Island, Bermuda 5.47 Km away
Paget Island 5.51 Km away
Western Redoubt 5.52 Km away
St. George's Garrison, Bermuda 5.57 Km away
Old Devonshire Church 5.58 Km away
Gunner Bay, Bermuda 5.72 Km away
Tobacco Bay, Bermuda 5.8 Km away
Hen Island, Bermuda 5.83 Km away
St. David's Head, Bermuda 5.84 Km away
Fort St. Catherine 6.19 Km away
Fort Victoria, Bermuda 6.21 Km away
Devonshire Parish 6.98 Km away
Cedarbridge Academy 7.49 Km away
Prospect Camp, Bermuda 7.54 Km away
Bermuda Garrison 7.54 Km away
Area code 441 7.61 Km away
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art 7.68 Km away
Hungry Bay Nature Reserve 7.74 Km away
Bermuda National Stadium 7.81 Km away
Bermuda Botanical Gardens 8.05 Km away
Johnny Barnes 8.31 Km away
Bermuda National Trust 8.43 Km away
Government House, Bermuda 8.67 Km away
Paget Parish 8.8 Km away
Pembroke Parish 8.87 Km away
St. John the Evangelist, Bermuda 9.15 Km away
Cathedral of Saint Theresa of Lisieux 9.18 Km away
Muhammad Mosque (Bermuda) 9.2 Km away
Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda 9.22 Km away
Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Bermuda 9.23 Km away
Hamilton, Bermuda 9.24 Km away
Bermuda Stock Exchange 9.24 Km away
Hamilton Hotel (Bermuda) 9.25 Km away
Saltus Grammar School 9.28 Km away
Victoria Park, Hamilton, Bermuda 9.29 Km away
Paget Marsh Nature Reserve 9.39 Km away
Pembroke Wesleyan Cemetery 9.53 Km away
Bermuda National Library 9.6 Km away
Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda 9.64 Km away
The Berkeley Institute 9.68 Km away
Bermuda High School 9.71 Km away
United States Naval Station White's Island, Bermuda 9.71 Km away
White's Island 9.76 Km away
Bermuda College 9.8 Km away
Ashley House (Paget Parish, Bermuda) 9.97 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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