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Mandarin Oriental, Shenzhen

Time: 07:51 / Sunrise: 05:40 / Sunset: 19:01

Shenzhen, Futian Business District, Guangdong Province, China

rates* from 400 USD / night


Hotel Group Mandarin Oriental
Accolades Forbes Five Stars
Rates* per Night from 400 USD
Opening Year 2022
Floors 67 - 79


Total Guest Rooms 178
Rooms 162
Suites 16
Smallest Bedroom 56 m² / 602 ft²
Largest Bedroom 400 m² / 4305 ft²


Spa/Wellness 1600 m² / 17222 ft²
Treatment Areas 7
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 20 m / 65 ft – 90 m² / 968 ft²


Restaurants 5


City, Fitness, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Forbes Five Stars, Helipad, Rooftop Bar, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor


Destination Information

Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 1 0.58 Km away
Lianhuacun station 0.87 Km away
Lianhua North station 1.32 Km away
AVIC Plaza 1.51 Km away
Hon Kwok City Center 1.56 Km away
Huaqiang Road station 1.65 Km away
Gangxia North station 1.69 Km away
SEG Plaza 1.72 Km away
Shenzhen Mosque 1.75 Km away
Children's Palace station 1.75 Km away
Wuwang Club fire 1.75 Km away
Shenzhen Museum 1.78 Km away
Shenzhen Stadium 1.79 Km away
Huaxin station 1.8 Km away
Jiangsu Tower 1.91 Km away
Civic Center station (Shenzhen Metro) 1.94 Km away
Huaqiang North station 1.97 Km away
Shenzhen 1.98 Km away
Shangmeilin station 1.98 Km away
Civic Center (Shenzhen) 2.0 Km away
Huaqiangbei 2.01 Km away
Shenzhen Cultural Center 2.05 Km away
Maling station 2.08 Km away
Yuanwang digital mall 2.1 Km away
Lianhuashan Park 2.15 Km away
Gangxia station 2.17 Km away
Shenzhen Center 2.26 Km away
New World Center (Shenzhen) 2.28 Km away
Meicun station 2.35 Km away
Huangmugang station 2.35 Km away
Lianhua West station 2.35 Km away
Science Museum station 2.38 Km away
Futian station 2.44 Km away
Hanling station 2.45 Km away
Shenzhen Foreign Languages School 2.5 Km away
Yannan station 2.56 Km away
Xiangmei station 2.59 Km away
Shenzhen Stock Exchange 2.61 Km away
Convention and Exhibition Center station (Shenzhen Metro) 2.63 Km away
Tongxinling station 2.67 Km away
Huaqiang South station 2.7 Km away
Shenzhen Christian Church 2.7 Km away
Meilin Middle School 2.75 Km away
Chiwei station 2.83 Km away
Jingtian station 2.84 Km away
Shopping Park station 2.91 Km away
Xiameilin station 2.91 Km away
Meijing station 2.92 Km away
Shenzhen Broadcasting Center Building 2.93 Km away
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 3.0 Km away
Ping An Finance Centre 3.02 Km away
Huanggangcun station 3.04 Km away
Huanggang Checkpoint station 3.27 Km away
Yinhu station (Shenzhen Metro) 3.27 Km away
Xiangmi Lake 3.33 Km away
KK100 3.34 Km away
Bagualing station 3.39 Km away
Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower 3.42 Km away
Fumin station 3.53 Km away
Baoneng Center 3.55 Km away
Grand Theater station (Shenzhen Metro) 3.56 Km away
Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine 3.73 Km away
Shun Hing Square 3.78 Km away
Xiangmei North station 3.83 Km away
Huanggang Port 3.93 Km away
Shawei station 3.94 Km away
Nigang station 3.97 Km away
Lok Ma Chau Loop 4.0 Km away
Futian, Shenzhen 4.02 Km away
Hongling station 4.05 Km away
Shangsha station 4.08 Km away
Shixia station 4.09 Km away
Xiangmihu station 4.1 Km away
Frontier Closed Area 4.15 Km away
Yuanling station 4.16 Km away
Futian Checkpoint station 4.24 Km away
Hongling South station 4.3 Km away
Hongling North station 4.33 Km away
Futian Port 4.47 Km away
Sungang railway station 4.49 Km away
Meilin Reservoir 4.53 Km away
Ha Wan Tsuen 4.55 Km away
Lok Ma Chau station 4.64 Km away
Shenzhen Middle School 4.67 Km away
Dongmen, Shenzhen 4.68 Km away
Xiasha station (Shenzhen Metro) 4.71 Km away
Liu Pok 4.71 Km away
Guomao Building 4.72 Km away
People's Park (Shenzhen) 4.77 Km away
Minle station (Shenzhen Metro) 4.79 Km away
Xiangmi station 4.81 Km away
Lok Ma Chau Village 4.82 Km away
Yitian station 4.83 Km away
Laojie station 4.84 Km away
Shenzhen railway station 4.86 Km away
Ludancun station 4.87 Km away
Luohu North station 4.87 Km away
Meilinguan station 4.89 Km away
Panglin Plaza 4.94 Km away
Ma Tso Lung 5.0 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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