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Les Crayeres

Time: 22:54 / Sunrise: 06:54 / Sunset: 18:51

Reims 51100, 64 Boulevard Henry Vasnier, France

rates* from 421 USD / night

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Affiliation Relais & Chateaux
Rates* per Night from 421 USD
Opening Year 1904
Floors 2
Hotel Grounds 7 hectares / 17 acres


Total Guest Rooms 20
Rooms 16
Suites 4
Smallest Bedroom 30 m² / 322 ft²
Largest Bedroom 55 m² / 592 ft²


Tennis Courts 1


Restaurants 2


Boutique, City, Garden, Historic, Pet Friendly, Relais & Chateaux, Tennis Court


Destination Information

Canton of Reims-9 0.87 Km away
Musée Automobile Reims Champagne 1.09 Km away
Saint-Joseph of Reims 1.43 Km away
University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne 1.58 Km away
Arrondissement of Reims 1.66 Km away
Carnegie Library of Reims 1.77 Km away
Canton of Reims-8 1.81 Km away
Palace of Tau 1.83 Km away
Communauté urbaine du Grand Reims 1.86 Km away
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Reims 1.88 Km away
Reims Cathedral 1.88 Km away
Complexe Sportif René Tys 1.94 Km away
Cormontreuil 2.01 Km away
ESAD de Reims 2.03 Km away
Museum of Fine Arts, Reims 2.04 Km away
Stade Auguste-Delaune 2.04 Km away
Canton of Reims-7 2.1 Km away
Temple protestant de Reims 2.19 Km away
Canton of Reims-1 2.26 Km away
Hôtel de Ville, Reims 2.37 Km away
Canton of Reims-4 2.49 Km away
Canton of Reims-2 2.62 Km away
Porte Mars 2.68 Km away
Battle of Reims (1814) 2.71 Km away
Reims 2.71 Km away
Foujita Chapel 2.74 Km away
Gare de Reims 2.83 Km away
Canton of Reims-3 3.04 Km away
École supérieure de commerce de Reims 3.54 Km away
Reims Management School 3.55 Km away
Trois-Puits 3.9 Km away
Canton of Reims-6 3.95 Km away
Saint-Léonard, Marne 3.96 Km away
Taissy 4.27 Km away
Tinqueux 4.49 Km away
Canton of Reims-5 4.6 Km away
Bezannes 4.91 Km away
Bétheny 4.96 Km away
Gare de Champagne-Ardenne TGV 5.11 Km away
Saint-Brice-Courcelles 5.26 Km away
Champfleury, Marne 5.32 Km away
Montbré 5.34 Km away
Champigny, Marne 6.51 Km away
Villers-aux-Nœuds 6.51 Km away
Ormes, Marne 6.73 Km away
Puisieulx 6.94 Km away
Les Mesneux 6.98 Km away
Thillois 7.23 Km away
Sillery, Marne 7.55 Km away
Witry-lès-Reims 7.7 Km away
Nogent-l'Abbesse 7.83 Km away
Berru 8.1 Km away
Rilly-la-Montagne 8.39 Km away
Villers-Allerand 8.49 Km away
Sacy, Marne 8.88 Km away
1965 12 Hours of Reims 8.92 Km away
Grand Prix de la Marne 8.92 Km away
1932 French Grand Prix 8.92 Km away
12 Hours of Reims 8.92 Km away
1964 12 Hours of Reims 8.92 Km away
Reims-Gueux 8.92 Km away
1967 12 Hours of Reims 8.92 Km away
1962 Reims Grand Prix 8.92 Km away
Jouy-lès-Reims 9.29 Km away
Écueil 9.34 Km away
Pargny-lès-Reims 9.36 Km away
Saint-Thierry 9.45 Km away
Chigny-les-Roses 9.51 Km away
Cernay-lès-Reims 9.59 Km away
Merfy 9.7 Km away
Ludes 9.76 Km away
Courcy, Marne 9.85 Km away
Ville-Dommange 9.86 Km away

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* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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