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King George, Athens

Time: 13:46 / Sunrise: 07:09 / Sunset: 19:48

Athens 10564, Vas Georgiou A' Street 3, Central Location, Greece

rates* from 400 USD / night

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Hotel Group The Luxury Collection
Rates* per Night from 400 USD
Opening Year 1930
Renovation Year 2013
Floors 9
Celebrities Maria Callas, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier


Total Guest Rooms 102
Rooms 59
Suites 43
Pool Villas/Suites 1
Smallest Bedroom 24 m² / 258 ft²
Largest Bedroom 350 m² / 3767 ft²
Largest Bedroom Indoor 300 m² / 3229 ft² – Outdoor 50 m² / 538 ft²


Spa/Wellness 210 m² / 2260 ft²
Treatment Areas 2
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 7 m / 22 ft – 42 m² / 452 ft²


Restaurants 2


Butler Service partly, City, Grand Hotel, Gym, Historic, Hotel Legends, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor


Destination Information

Voukourestiou Street 0.05 Km away
Syntagma Square 0.1 Km away
Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection 0.11 Km away
Syntagma metro station 0.13 Km away
Hellenic Capital Market Commission 0.15 Km away
Numismatic Museum of Athens 0.15 Km away
Hellenic Parliament 0.21 Km away
Old Royal Palace 0.21 Km away
Old Parliament House, Athens 0.23 Km away
National Historical Museum, Athens 0.23 Km away
Bank of Greece 0.28 Km away
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Athens 0.3 Km away
Cathedral Basilica of St. Dionysius the Areopagite 0.31 Km away
Museum of the History of the Greek Costume 0.36 Km away
Church of the Holy Trinity, Athens 0.37 Km away
National Garden, Athens 0.39 Km away
Akadimia, Athens 0.4 Km away
Academy of Athens (modern) 0.4 Km away
Museum of the City of Athens 0.4 Km away
Jewish Museum of Greece 0.43 Km away
Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens 0.44 Km away
Panepistimio metro station (Athens) 0.46 Km away
Panepistimiou Street 0.46 Km away
Little Metropolis 0.47 Km away
Cydathenaeum 0.47 Km away
Benaki Museum 0.48 Km away
Stadiou Street 0.49 Km away
Museum of Greek Folk Art 0.5 Km away
Kolonaki Square 0.52 Km away
Frissiras Museum 0.53 Km away
Herodou Attikou Street 0.53 Km away
Hellenic Children's Museum 0.55 Km away
Akadimias Street 0.55 Km away
City of Athens Cultural Center 0.56 Km away
Minuscule 800 0.56 Km away
Church of Panagia Kapnikarea 0.56 Km away
Zappeion 0.58 Km away
Theatrical Museum of Greece 0.58 Km away
Maximos Mansion 0.6 Km away
Mount Lycabettus 0.6 Km away
Kolonaki 0.6 Km away
Plaka 0.61 Km away
Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art 0.63 Km away
Council of State (Greece) 0.65 Km away
Aiolou Street 0.65 Km away
Presidential Mansion, Athens 0.67 Km away
French School at Athens 0.69 Km away
Stathatos Mansion 0.69 Km away
Aerides Bath 0.7 Km away
Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments 0.7 Km away
Tzistarakis Mosque 0.7 Km away
Danish Institute at Athens 0.71 Km away
Athens Lawn Tennis Club 0.72 Km away
German Archaeological Institute at Athens 0.72 Km away
National Bank of Greece 0.73 Km away
Arch of Hadrian (Athens) 0.74 Km away
Tower of the Winds 0.74 Km away
Fethiye Mosque (Athens) 0.74 Km away
Aerides, Athens 0.74 Km away
Choragic Monument of Lysicrates 0.76 Km away
East Propylon 0.77 Km away
Aglaureion 0.77 Km away
Peripatos (Akropolis) 0.77 Km away
Church of the Pantanassa, Athens 0.78 Km away
Titania (hotel) 0.78 Km away
Lyceum (Classical) 0.78 Km away
Hadrian's Library 0.79 Km away
Roman Agora 0.79 Km away
Anafiotika 0.79 Km away
Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens 0.81 Km away
Athinas Street 0.81 Km away
Embassy of Sweden, Athens 0.81 Km away
Athens University Museum 0.81 Km away
Ermou Street (Athens) 0.81 Km away
Monastiraki metro station 0.83 Km away
Cave Sanctuaries of the Akropolis 0.83 Km away
Sanctuary of Pandion 0.83 Km away
Scambonidae 0.84 Km away
Byzantine and Christian Museum 0.85 Km away
Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus 0.85 Km away
Odeon of Athens 0.85 Km away
Gate of Athena Archegetis 0.86 Km away
Kotzia Square 0.86 Km away
Old Acropolis Museum 0.86 Km away
Hellenic Conservatory 0.88 Km away
Altar of Athena Polias 0.88 Km away
Sofokleous Street 0.89 Km away
Choragic Monument of Thrasyllos 0.89 Km away
Erechtheion 0.89 Km away
Psyri 0.89 Km away
Museum of Pavlos and Alexandra Kanellopoulou 0.89 Km away
Lycabettus Funicular 0.9 Km away
Postal & Philatelic Museum of Greece 0.91 Km away
Marika Kotopouli Museum 0.91 Km away
Athens War Museum 0.91 Km away
Old Temple of Athena 0.91 Km away
Hekatompedon temple 0.91 Km away
Older Parthenon 0.92 Km away
Theatre of Dionysus 0.93 Km away
Bema of Phaidros 0.93 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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