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Hotel La Compañía

Time: 18:42 / Sunrise: 05:57 / Sunset: 18:32

Panama City, Avenida A y Calle 8, Casco Antiguo, Central America, Panama

rates* from 400 USD / night


Hotel Group Unbound Collection by Hyatt
Rates* per Night from 400 USD
Opening Year 2022
Floors 3


Total Guest Rooms 88
Rooms 77
Suites 11
Smallest Bedroom 23 m² / 257 ft²
Largest Bedroom 79 m² / 860 ft²


Spa/Wellness 120 m² / 1291 ft²
Treatment Areas 4
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 16 m / 52 ft – 64 m² / 688 ft²


Restaurants 4


Boutique, City, Fitness, Historic, Pet Friendly, Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Pool, Rooftop Spa, Spa, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Museum of History of Panama 0.09 Km away
Panama Canal Museum 0.11 Km away
Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama City 0.11 Km away
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Panamá 0.12 Km away
Casco Viejo, Panama 0.12 Km away
San Felipe, Panama 0.17 Km away
Palacio de las Garzas 0.3 Km away
Santa Ana, Panama City 0.94 Km away
El Chorrillo 1.12 Km away
Way On Cemetery 1.16 Km away
5 de Mayo metro station 1.26 Km away
Panama Museum of Contemporary Art 1.31 Km away
Afro-Antillean Museum of Panama 1.32 Km away
Instituto Oncológico Nacional 1.46 Km away
Tivoli Hotel, Panama 1.54 Km away
Balboa Heights, Panama 1.59 Km away
Ancon Hill 1.64 Km away
Jama Mosque (Panama City) 1.65 Km away
Estadio Maracaná (Panama) 1.65 Km away
Isthmus Department 1.69 Km away
Panama State 1.69 Km away
Lotería metro station 1.76 Km away
Figali Convention Center 1.79 Km away
Calidonia, Panamá 1.87 Km away
National Archives of Panama 1.92 Km away
Fort Amador 2.01 Km away
Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas de Estudios de la Salud 2.1 Km away
Latin American Parliament 2.1 Km away
Estadio Juan Demóstenes Arosemena 2.14 Km away
Hospital Santo Tomás 2.16 Km away
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 2.21 Km away
Panama Canal Authority 2.31 Km away
Biomuseo 2.36 Km away
Hospital Nacional 2.41 Km away
Santo Tomás metro station 2.43 Km away
Martyrs' Day (Panama) 2.51 Km away
Balboa High School (Panama) 2.52 Km away
Ancón, Panama 2.58 Km away
Estadio Municipal de Balboa 2.67 Km away
Miramar Towers 2.78 Km away
Albrook metro station 2.87 Km away
The Point, Panama City 2.91 Km away
International Maritime University of Panama 3.01 Km away
Bicsa Financial Center 3.09 Km away
Arts Tower (Panama City) 3.09 Km away
Torre Waters 3.09 Km away
Albrook "Marcos A. Gelabert" International Airport 3.26 Km away
Oxford International School (Panama) 3.27 Km away
Bridge of the Americas 3.36 Km away
Balboa, Panama 3.41 Km away
Megapolis Tower 1 3.42 Km away
Albrook Air Force Station 3.47 Km away
Iglesia del Carmen metro station 3.53 Km away
University of Panama 3.6 Km away
Curundú 3.9 Km away
F&F Tower 3.97 Km away
Estadio Javier Cruz 4.02 Km away
Aqualina Tower 4.03 Km away
Panamá District 4.1 Km away
Panama City 4.1 Km away
Timeline of Panama City 4.1 Km away
JW Marriott Panama 4.11 Km away
National Bank of Panama 4.14 Km away
Diablo, Panama 4.18 Km away
Bella Vista, Panama City 4.19 Km away
Hospital Punta Pacifica 4.34 Km away
Causeway Islands 4.45 Km away
The Oxford School (Panama) 4.45 Km away
Marine Exhibition Center of Punta Culebra 4.48 Km away
Panama Canal Railway 4.51 Km away
Metropolitan Natural Park 4.52 Km away
Vía Argentina metro station 4.53 Km away
Faros del Panamá 4.68 Km away
PSA Panama International Terminal 4.89 Km away
Fernández de Córdoba metro station 5.28 Km away
Anton Field 5.31 Km away
San Francisco, Panamá 5.48 Km away
Atlapa Convention Centre 5.76 Km away
Panama City Panama Temple 5.8 Km away
National Library of Panama 6.21 Km away
Latin American University of Science and Technology 6.35 Km away
El Ingenio metro station 6.51 Km away
Xavier College, Panama 6.56 Km away
Betania, Panama 7.05 Km away
King's College, Panama 7.06 Km away
Pueblo Nuevo, Panama 7.12 Km away
Ciudad del Saber 7.4 Km away
Fort Clayton 7.49 Km away
12 de Octubre metro station 7.5 Km away
Balboa Academy 7.54 Km away
Fort Kobbe 7.77 Km away
Technological University of Panama 7.95 Km away
Miraflores (Panama) 7.98 Km away
Panama Pacifico 8.1 Km away
Panamá Pacífico International Airport 8.1 Km away
Howard Air Force Base 8.1 Km away
Henry Morgan's Panama expedition 8.12 Km away
Panamá Viejo 8.12 Km away
Pueblo Nuevo metro station 8.36 Km away
Florida State University-Panama 8.4 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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