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Heckfield Place

Time: 17:33 / Sunrise: 04:54 / Sunset: 21:09

RG27 0LD, Hampshire, United Kingdom

rates* from 500 USD / night


Great Vibe


Accolades Forbes Four Stars
Rates* per Night from 500 USD
Opening Year 2018
Floors 3
Hotel Grounds 162 hectares / 400 acres


Total Guest Rooms 47
Rooms 41
Suites 6
Smallest Bedroom 22 m² / 236 ft²
Largest Bedroom 186 m² / 2002 ft²


Spa/Wellness 2200 m² / 23680 ft²
Treatment Areas 5


Restaurants 1


Boutique, Country, Forbes Four Stars, Garden, Historic


Blackbushe Airport 7.49 Km away
RAF Odiham 12.22 Km away
Farnborough Airport 14.28 Km away
Lasham Airport 18.35 Km away
Wycombe Air Park 31.37 Km away
RAF Benson 31.93 Km away
London Heathrow Airport 36.7 Km away
RAF Northolt 43.61 Km away
Southampton Airport 52.14 Km away
Chichester/Goodwood Airport 55.5 Km away
London Gatwick Airport 57.22 Km away
Redhill Aerodrome 58.3 Km away
Oxford (Kidlington) Airport 60.47 Km away
RAF Brize Norton 62.9 Km away
London Biggin Hill Airport 68.3 Km away
RAF Fairford 69.21 Km away
London Luton Airport 71.42 Km away
London City Airport 72.01 Km away
Shoreham Airport 72.63 Km away
RAF Lyneham 74.5 Km away
Bembridge Airport 74.86 Km away
Cotswold Airport 84.64 Km away
Bournemouth Airport 88.41 Km away


Destination Information

Heckfield Place 0.01 Km away
Heckfield Heath 0.65 Km away
River Hart 0.97 Km away
Highfield House, Heckfield 1.15 Km away
Wellington Country Park 1.49 Km away
Heckfield 1.64 Km away
Bramshill 1.89 Km away
Hound Green 1.93 Km away
Hazeley 2.08 Km away
The Marshes Local Nature Reserve 2.25 Km away
Riseley, Berkshire 2.3 Km away
River Whitewater 2.69 Km away
Police Staff College, Bramshill 2.98 Km away
Bramshill House 3.03 Km away
Bramshill SSSI 3.21 Km away
Stratfield Saye House 3.24 Km away
Chandlers Green 3.36 Km away
Mattingley 3.36 Km away
Stanford End Mill and River Loddon 3.46 Km away
Stratfield Saye 3.5 Km away
Hazeley Heath 3.61 Km away
Swallowfield Meadow 3.7 Km away
Lower Common 3.73 Km away
Stratfield Turgis 3.75 Km away
Swallowfield 3.84 Km away
Farley Hill, Berkshire 3.98 Km away
Farley Hall, Swallowfield 4.0 Km away
Turgis Green 4.02 Km away
The Priory, Beech Hill 4.05 Km away
Stratfield Saye Priory 4.12 Km away
Beaumys Castle 4.16 Km away
Warbrook House Hotel, Eversley 4.24 Km away
Hartley Wespall 4.43 Km away
Swallowfield Park 4.44 Km away
Farley Castle 4.51 Km away
Spanish Green 4.57 Km away
River Blackwater (River Loddon) 4.6 Km away
Beech Hill, Berkshire 4.78 Km away
West Green House 4.94 Km away
West Green, Hampshire 5.02 Km away
Rotherwick 5.06 Km away
Eversley 5.25 Km away
River Lyde (Hampshire) 5.31 Km away
Hartley Wintney 5.4 Km away
Phoenix Green 5.41 Km away
Eversley Centre 5.46 Km away
Hartfordbridge 5.56 Km away
Hartley Wintney F.C. 5.66 Km away
Longbridge Mill 5.72 Km away
Shepperlands Farm 5.76 Km away
Spencers Wood 5.82 Km away
Arborfield Green 5.83 Km away
Roman road from Silchester to Bath 5.89 Km away
Sherfield on Loddon 5.99 Km away
Bow Brook, Hampshire 6.01 Km away
Hundred of Charlton 6.02 Km away
1957 Blackbushe Viking accident 6.24 Km away
St Mary's Church, Hartley Wintney 6.29 Km away
Eversley Cross 6.37 Km away
Sherfield School 6.41 Km away
North Foreland Lodge 6.41 Km away
Longmoor Bog 6.44 Km away
Bloomfield Hatch 6.47 Km away
Memorial Ground, Finchampstead 6.48 Km away
Fleet Brook 6.5 Km away
California, Berkshire 6.52 Km away
Ryeish Green 6.56 Km away
Finchampstead 6.57 Km away
Grazeley 6.58 Km away
Elvetham air crash 6.58 Km away
California Country Park 6.6 Km away
Eversley & California F.C. 6.61 Km away
Finchampstead F.C. 6.63 Km away
Bullsdown Camp 6.65 Km away
Oakbank School, Ryeish Green 6.65 Km away
Castle Bottom NNR 6.68 Km away
Arborfield Cross 6.68 Km away
Mortimer railway station 6.69 Km away
Eversley Manor 6.72 Km away
Arborfield 6.79 Km away
Stratfield Mortimer 6.82 Km away
Elvetham Hall 6.83 Km away
2015 Blackbushe Phenom 300 crash 6.86 Km away
Bramley Green 6.98 Km away
Arborfield Hall 7.12 Km away
Shinfield 7.14 Km away
Hook railway station 7.14 Km away
Winchfield railway station 7.21 Km away
The Loddon School 7.23 Km away
L'Ortolan 7.24 Km away
Three Mile Cross 7.25 Km away
International Cocoa Quarantine Centre 7.25 Km away
Arborfield and Newland 7.31 Km away
West End Brook 7.42 Km away
Hook, Hart 7.45 Km away
Blackbushe Airport 7.49 Km away
RAF Blackbushe 7.5 Km away
Hook Common 7.54 Km away
Newnham, Hampshire 7.61 Km away
Wokefield 7.65 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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