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Four Seasons Hotel Tunis

Time: 17:46 / Sunrise: 05:06 / Sunset: 19:25

Tunis 1057, Zone Touristique Cap Gammarth, Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia

rates* from 350 USD / night


Hotel Group Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Accolades Forbes Four Stars
Rates* per Night from 350 USD
Opening Year 2017
Floors 6


Total Guest Rooms 203
Rooms 168
Suites 35
Smallest Bedroom 60 m² / 645 ft²
Largest Bedroom 550 m² / 5920 ft²


Spa/Wellness 2200 m² / 23680 ft²
Treatment Areas 11
Pool(s) 2
Pool Size 31 m / 101 ft – 496 m² / 5338 ft²
Second Pool Size 18 m / 59 ft – 108 m² / 1162 ft²
Tennis Courts 2


Restaurants 3


All Bedrooms have balconies/terraces, City, Fitness, Forbes Four Stars, Garden, Hammam, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor, Swimming Pool Outdoor, Tennis


Destination Information

Gammarth 1.37 Km away
Taïeb Mhiri School 5.11 Km away
Abdellia Palace 5.24 Km away
Synagogue Keren Yéchoua 5.32 Km away
Abdelaziz Chtioui Stadium 5.54 Km away
La Marsa 5.61 Km away
La Soukra 5.7 Km away
Lycée Gustave Flaubert (La Marsa) 5.78 Km away
Tunisia Polytechnic School 6.06 Km away
British International School of Tunis 6.55 Km away
Carthage University 6.59 Km away
International School of Carthage 6.77 Km away
North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial 6.85 Km away
Sidi Bou Said 6.91 Km away
Cisterns of La Malga 7.14 Km away
Basilica of Damous El Karita 7.33 Km away
Chotrana 7.34 Km away
Carthage amphitheatre 7.38 Km away
Ennejma Ezzahra 7.44 Km away
Acropolium of Carthage 7.84 Km away
American Cooperative School of Tunis 7.85 Km away
Siege of Carthage (Third Punic War) 7.91 Km away
Carthage National Museum 7.91 Km away
Circus of Carthage 7.93 Km away
Battle of Carthage (698) 7.94 Km away
Carthage (municipality) 7.95 Km away
Chapelle Saint-Louis de Carthage 7.97 Km away
Villa Baizeau 7.97 Km away
Byrsa 8.02 Km away
Tunis Sports City 8.03 Km away
Battle of Tricamarum 8.07 Km away
Asterius Chapel 8.08 Km away
Carthage Palace 8.08 Km away
Embassy of the United States, Tunis 8.15 Km away
Baths of Antoninus 8.19 Km away
Carthage Royal Palace 8.33 Km away
Carthage Paleo-Christian Museum 8.45 Km away
Mediterranean School of Business 8.59 Km away
Ancient Carthage 8.97 Km away
ESPRIT (School) 9.6 Km away
Tunis–Carthage International Airport 9.74 Km away
Le Kram 9.88 Km away
Raoued 9.9 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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