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Explora Rapa Nui

Time: 23:20 / Sunrise: 08:04 / Sunset: 18:31

Mataveri, Rapa Nui Island (Easter Island), Pacific Ocean, Chile

rates* from 1300 USD / night


Hotel Group Explora
Rates* per Night from 1300 USD
Opening Year 2007
Hotel Grounds 10 hectares / 24 acres


Total Guest Rooms 30
Rooms 26
Suites 4
Smallest Bedroom 32 m² / 344 ft²
Largest Bedroom 44 m² / 473 ft²


Treatment Areas 1
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 20 m / 65 ft


Restaurants 1


All Inclusive, Boutique, Country, Eco, Garden, Hill, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Mataveri Airport 6.9 Km away


Destination Information

Isla de Pascua (commune) 2.99 Km away
Ahu Akivi 4.82 Km away
Isla de Pascua Province 5.98 Km away
Hanga Roa 5.98 Km away
Ahu Vinapu 6.19 Km away
Biblioteca William Mulloy 6.64 Km away
Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum 6.66 Km away
Holy Cross Church, Hanga Roa 6.67 Km away
Terevaka 6.79 Km away
Mataveri International Airport 6.87 Km away
Tahai 6.93 Km away
Hanga Roa Stadium 7.21 Km away
Rano Raraku 7.31 Km away
Tama Te Ra'a Photovoltaic Plant 7.63 Km away
Hotel Hanga Roa 8.13 Km away
Ahu Tongariki 8.13 Km away
Anakena 8.31 Km away
Ana Kai Tangata 8.7 Km away
Pu o Hiro 9.16 Km away
Rano Kau 9.23 Km away
Rapa Nui National Park 9.24 Km away
Orongo 9.96 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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