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El Encanto, A Belmond Hotel, Santa Barbara

Time: 03:20 / Sunrise: 05:45 / Sunset: 20:12

Santa Barbara 93103, 800 Alvarado Place, California, United States

rates* from 1200 USD / night


1 Michelin Key
Extraordinary Setting Great Views


Hotel Group Belmond
Accolades Forbes Four Stars
Rates* per Night from 1200 USD
Opening Year 1918
Renovation Year 2013
Floors 2
Buildings 32
Hotel Grounds 3 hectares / 7 acres


Total Guest Rooms 92
Rooms 70
Suites 22
Smallest Bedroom 32 m² / 349 ft²
Largest Bedroom 102 m² / 1099 ft²


Spa/Wellness 603 m² / 6499 ft²
Treatment Areas 7
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 17 m / 57 ft – 132 m² / 1424 ft²


Restaurants 1


All Bedrooms have balconies/terraces, Boutique, Fitness, Forbes Four Stars, Garden, Hill, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Belmond El Encanto 0.07 Km away
Mission Park, Santa Barbara 0.75 Km away
Franceschi Park 0.81 Km away
Santa Barbara Mission-Archive Library 0.86 Km away
Fielding Graduate University 1.01 Km away
Garden Street Academy 1.06 Km away
Alameda Park 1.11 Km away
Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade 1.13 Km away
Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden 1.17 Km away
Santa Barbara High School 1.39 Km away
Our Lady of Sorrows Church (Santa Barbara, California) 1.4 Km away
Trinity Episcopal Church (Santa Barbara, California) 1.44 Km away
Colleges of Law 1.58 Km away
Santa Barbara County Courthouse 1.62 Km away
Santa Barbara Library 1.65 Km away
Mission Canyon, California 1.65 Km away
Santa Barbara County Superior Court 1.66 Km away
Santa Barbara Fire Department 1.71 Km away
Jesusita Fire 1.71 Km away
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 1.73 Km away
Rafael Gonzalez House 1.79 Km away
Santa Barbara School of the Arts 1.8 Km away
Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums 1.81 Km away
United States Post Office-Santa Barbara Main 1.84 Km away
Janssens–Orella–Birk Building 1.86 Km away
Hill–Carrillo Adobe 1.89 Km away
Presidio of Santa Barbara 1.92 Km away
Anacapa School 1.94 Km away
Lobero Theatre 1.95 Km away
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital 1.97 Km away
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District 1.98 Km away
Sansum Clinic 1.99 Km away
Santa Barbara Historical Museum 2.02 Km away
Skofield Park 2.03 Km away
Casa de la Guerra 2.11 Km away
Paseo de la Guerra 2.12 Km away
Covarrubias Adobe 2.13 Km away
Plaza de la Guerra 2.18 Km away
Santa Barbara News-Press 2.2 Km away
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis 2.22 Km away
Paseo Nuevo 2.23 Km away
Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara 2.27 Km away
Antioch University Santa Barbara 2.31 Km away
Stampa Barbara 2.37 Km away
Arlington Theatre 2.42 Km away
Arlington Hotel (Santa Barbara, California) 2.42 Km away
Santa Barbara, California 2.49 Km away
San Roque, Santa Barbara, California 2.52 Km away
Parma Park 2.6 Km away
Santa Barbara Business College 2.62 Km away
Virginia Hotel (Santa Barbara, California) 2.63 Km away
Faith Mission (Santa Barbara, California) 2.68 Km away
Andalucia Building 2.74 Km away
KZSB 2.77 Km away
Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Santa Barbara, California) 2.93 Km away
Santa Barbara station 3.0 Km away
KVRY-LP 3.01 Km away
Allan Herschell 3-Abreast Carousel 3.18 Km away
Hastings Adobe (Santa Barbara, California) 3.21 Km away
Arlington West 3.34 Km away
Syuxtun Village 3.35 Km away
West Beach (Santa Barbara) 3.4 Km away
East Beach (Santa Barbara) 3.41 Km away
Sambo's 3.42 Km away
Stearns Wharf 3.49 Km away
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center 3.55 Km away
Santa Barbara Marathon 3.63 Km away
Santa Barbara City College 3.64 Km away
KJEE 3.86 Km away
La Playa Stadium 3.91 Km away
KDB (FM) 3.93 Km away
Elings Park 3.96 Km away
Naval Reserve Center Santa Barbara 3.98 Km away
La Cumbre Plaza 4.09 Km away
Leadbetter Beach 4.1 Km away
Santa Barbara Zoo 4.19 Km away
Westmont College 4.29 Km away
Rancho Las Positas y La Calera 4.31 Km away
Lotusland 4.35 Km away
KTYD 4.36 Km away
Mesa Oil Field 4.39 Km away
KTMS 4.41 Km away
Andree Clark Bird Refuge 4.5 Km away
Bellosguardo Foundation 4.55 Km away
Santa Barbara Point 4.57 Km away
Shoreline Park, Santa Barbara 4.7 Km away
Mar Y Cel 4.76 Km away
Tea Fire 4.83 Km away
Santa Barbara Cemetery 4.94 Km away
Arlington Peak (California) 4.98 Km away
Santa Barbara Light 5.02 Km away
Bishop García Diego High School 5.06 Km away
Val Verde (Montecito, California) 5.1 Km away
Laguna Blanca (California) 5.16 Km away
Douglas Family Preserve 5.17 Km away
El Fureidis 5.3 Km away
Arroyo Burro 5.37 Km away
Riven Rock, Montecito 5.37 Km away
Arroyo Burro Beach 5.4 Km away
Music Academy of the West 5.52 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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