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Bonerowski Palace

Time: 17:36 / Sunrise: 05:46 / Sunset: 17:50

Krakow 31-013, Rynek Główny 42, City Centre, Poland

rates* from 156 USD / night

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Rates* per Night from 156 USD
Opening Year 2006
Floors 4


Total Guest Rooms 15
Rooms 8
Suites 7
Smallest Bedroom 24 m² / 258 ft²
Largest Bedroom 167 m² / 1797 ft²


Spa/Wellness 60 m² / 645 ft²


Restaurants 1


Boutique, City, Gym, Historic, Palace, Rooftop Spa, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam


Destination Information

Veit Stoss altarpiece in Kraków 0.12 Km away
St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków 0.12 Km away
Sukiennice Museum 0.13 Km away
Kraków Cloth Hall 0.13 Km away
Main Square, Kraków 0.13 Km away
Free City of Cracow 0.13 Km away
Kraków (parliamentary constituency) 0.13 Km away
Kraków Voivodeship (14th century – 1795) 0.13 Km away
Kraków Voivodeship (1919–1939) 0.13 Km away
Kraków County 0.13 Km away
Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Kraków 0.14 Km away
Krzysztofory Palace 0.14 Km away
Historical Museum of Kraków 0.14 Km away
Muzeum Farmacji Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego 0.15 Km away
Café Noworolski 0.15 Km away
Floriańska Street 0.15 Km away
Kupa Synagogue 0.16 Km away
Great Weigh House 0.18 Km away
Kraków Town Hall 0.19 Km away
Small Weigh House 0.19 Km away
Italian House 0.19 Km away
Town Hall Tower, Kraków 0.2 Km away
Church of St. Adalbert, Kraków 0.2 Km away
Piwnica pod Baranami 0.22 Km away
Zielony Balonik 0.25 Km away
Jama Michalika 0.25 Km away
Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theater in Kraków 0.25 Km away
Wierzynek 0.26 Km away
Czartoryski Museum 0.28 Km away
Church of St. Casimir the Prince, Kraków 0.29 Km away
Kraków Society of Friends of Fine Arts 0.29 Km away
St. Florian's Gate 0.32 Km away
Church of St. Anne, Kraków 0.33 Km away
Collegium Maius 0.33 Km away
Juliusz Słowacki Theatre 0.37 Km away
Academy of Music in Kraków 0.37 Km away
Church of St. Giles, Kraków 0.37 Km away
Jagiellonian University Medical College 0.37 Km away
Museum of Insurance, Kraków 0.39 Km away
Collegium Witkowski 0.4 Km away
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kraków 0.4 Km away
Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Kraków 0.41 Km away
Collegium Novum 0.43 Km away
Nicolaus Copernicus Monument in Kraków 0.43 Km away
God the Father (stained glass) 0.43 Km away
Pontifical University of John Paul II 0.43 Km away
Jagiellonian University 0.44 Km away
Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University 0.44 Km away
Kraków Governorate 0.46 Km away
Kraków Voivodeship 0.46 Km away
Wielopolski Palace 0.47 Km away
Main Post Office, Kraków 0.47 Km away
Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts 0.49 Km away
AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków 0.52 Km away
Kleparz 0.54 Km away
Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kraków 0.54 Km away
Muzeum Geologiczne Instytutu Nauk Geologicznych PAN w Krakowie 0.56 Km away
Archaeological Museum of Kraków 0.56 Km away
Kraków 0.58 Km away
Grand Duchy of Kraków 0.58 Km away
Capella Cracoviensis 0.59 Km away
Kraków Philharmonic 0.59 Km away
St. Florian's Church 0.65 Km away
St. Andrew's Church, Kraków 0.66 Km away
The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum 0.66 Km away
Saints Peter and Paul Church, Kraków 0.66 Km away
EUROPEUM - European Culture Centre 0.67 Km away
Muzeum Archidiecezjalne w Krakowie 0.69 Km away
Bartłomiej Nowodworski High School 0.71 Km away
Kraków Główny railway station 0.71 Km away
Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 0.74 Km away
Jesuit University of Philosophy and Education Ignatianum 0.75 Km away
Florian Mokrski Palace 0.75 Km away
Galeria Krakowska 0.76 Km away
Jan III Sobieski High School, Kraków 0.79 Km away
Aquarium and Natural History Museum in Kraków 0.82 Km away
Tadeusz Kościuszko Monument, Kraków 0.88 Km away
Sigismund Bell 0.89 Km away
Montelupi Palace 0.9 Km away
Ogrody Królewskie na Wawelu 0.9 Km away
Sigismund's Chapel 0.91 Km away
John Paul II Cathedral Museum 0.91 Km away
Wawel Cathedral 0.91 Km away
Agricultural University of Kraków 0.92 Km away
Wolf Popper Synagogue 0.95 Km away
Siege of Kraków (1587) 0.95 Km away
Wawel Royal Castle National Art Collection 0.96 Km away
Wawel 0.96 Km away
British International School of Cracow 0.98 Km away
St. Michael's Chapel, Wawel Castle 0.98 Km away
Wawel Castle 1.0 Km away
Muzeum Witrażu w Krakowie 1.0 Km away
Sheraton Grand Kraków 1.01 Km away
Stanisław Borek House 1.01 Km away
St. George's Chapel, Wawel Castle 1.02 Km away
Muzeum Lenina w Krakowie 1.03 Km away
Kossakówka 1.03 Km away
Berlinka (art collection) 1.06 Km away
Jagiellonian Library 1.06 Km away
AGH University of Science and Technology 1.07 Km away

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* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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