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Barrière Fouquet’s New York

Time: 16:08 / Sunrise: 06:51 / Sunset: 18:40

New York 10013, 456 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, Tribeca, NY, United States

rates* from 1100 USD / night


Hotel Group Hotels Barrière
Rates* per Night from 1100 USD
Opening Year 2022
Floors 8


Total Guest Rooms 97
Rooms 66
Suites 31
Smallest Bedroom 32 m² / 344 ft²
Largest Bedroom 225 m² / 2431 ft²


Spa/Wellness 929 m² / 9999 ft²
Treatment Areas 5
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 7 m / 22 ft – 30 m² / 322 ft²


Restaurants 2


Boutique, City, Fitness, Pet Friendly, Rooftop Bar, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor

Destination Information

Desbrosses Street station 0.03 Km away
Art Projects International 0.1 Km away
Washington Street (Manhattan) 0.1 Km away
Sushi Azabu 0.13 Km away
A&P Warehouse 0.16 Km away
70 Vestry 0.16 Km away
Greenwich Street 0.19 Km away
L'Abeille 0.19 Km away
Partisan Defense Committee 0.21 Km away
Wetlands Preserve 0.23 Km away
Area (nightclub) 0.24 Km away
Urban Glass House 0.24 Km away
James Brown House (Manhattan) 0.25 Km away
Metropolitan College of New York 0.25 Km away
The Shelter (New York City) 0.25 Km away
Jackie Robinson Museum 0.26 Km away
Half Note Club 0.28 Km away
Our Lady of Vilnius Church 0.29 Km away
32, 34 & 36 Dominick Street Houses 0.3 Km away
Canal Street station (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line) 0.31 Km away
One Hudson Square 0.32 Km away
St. John's Park 0.33 Km away
LentSpace 0.33 Km away
New York City Fire Museum 0.34 Km away
388 Greenwich Street 0.34 Km away
Albert Capsouto Park 0.35 Km away
Lab/Shul 0.36 Km away
Duarte Square 0.37 Km away
American Geographical Society 0.38 Km away
Vestry (restaurant) 0.4 Km away
North Moore Street 0.41 Km away
St. John's Chapel (New York City) 0.41 Km away
Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School 0.42 Km away
Canal Street station (IND Eighth Avenue Line) 0.42 Km away
Moondance Diner 0.42 Km away
New York Hydropathic and Physiological School 0.42 Km away
City Winery 0.43 Km away
The Dominick 0.43 Km away
330 Hudson 0.43 Km away
Veruka 0.44 Km away
Dahesh Museum of Art 0.45 Km away
HERE Arts Center 0.45 Km away
Children's Museum of the Arts 0.45 Km away
American Thread Building 0.46 Km away
Moving Picture Institute 0.46 Km away
Tribeca Grill 0.46 Km away
Spring Street Park 0.47 Km away
Art Institute of New York City 0.47 Km away
Franklin Street station (IRT Ninth Avenue Line) 0.47 Km away
Hudson Square 0.47 Km away
Tamarind Tribeca 0.48 Km away
African Grove 0.49 Km away
St. Alphonsus Ligouri Church (New York City) 0.49 Km away
Soho Grand Hotel 0.5 Km away
177 Franklin Street 0.5 Km away
10 Sullivan 0.5 Km away
Greenwich Village High School 0.51 Km away
Choco-Story New York 0.51 Km away
Everyman Espresso 0.51 Km away
Canal Room 0.52 Km away
Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8 0.52 Km away
Richmond Hill (Manhattan) 0.52 Km away
Grand Street station (IRT Sixth Avenue Line) 0.52 Km away
Spring Street station (IND Eighth Avenue Line) 0.53 Km away
Jungsik 0.53 Km away
Chanterelle (New York City restaurant) 0.54 Km away
Aquagrill 0.54 Km away
Fiamma Osteria 0.54 Km away
SoHo Playhouse 0.55 Km away
Frenchette 0.55 Km away
Paradise Garage 0.56 Km away
Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies 0.56 Km away
Bâtard (restaurant) 0.56 Km away
2 White Street 0.56 Km away
Montrachet (restaurant) 0.56 Km away
Little Red School House 0.56 Km away
Franklin Street station (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line) 0.56 Km away
Dactyl Foundation 0.56 Km away
Tier 3 (nightclub) 0.56 Km away
Corton (restaurant) 0.57 Km away
Vandam Street 0.57 Km away
Hirohisa (restaurant) 0.57 Km away
One White Street 0.57 Km away
375 Hudson Street 0.58 Km away
32 Avenue of the Americas 0.58 Km away
El Internacional (New York City) 0.58 Km away
Franklin Street station (IRT Sixth Avenue Line) 0.59 Km away
Performing Garage 0.59 Km away
Drawing Center 0.59 Km away
Houston Street station (IRT Ninth Avenue Line) 0.6 Km away
83 and 85 Sullivan Street 0.6 Km away
United States Post Office (Canal Street Station) 0.6 Km away
Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art 0.6 Km away
Holly Solomon 0.6 Km away
St. John's Terminal 0.61 Km away
Artists' Choice Museum 0.61 Km away
Village Community Boathouse 0.61 Km away
Holly Solomon Gallery 0.62 Km away
Vesuvio Playground 0.62 Km away
OK Harris Gallery 0.62 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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