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Azumi Setoda

Time: 09:46 / Sunrise: 06:57 / Sunset: 16:57

722-2411, 269 Setodacho Setoda, Ikuchi Island, Japan

rates* from 800 USD / night


The first property of the new Japanese brand co-founded by Aman founder Adrian Zecha
Intimate Hotel New Hotel


Rates* per Night from 800 USD
Opening Year 2021
Floors 2


Total Guest Rooms 22
Suites 22
Smallest Bedroom 50 m² / 538 ft²
Largest Bedroom 70 m² / 753 ft²



Restaurants 1


All Bedrooms have balconies/terraces, Boutique, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Garden, Historic


Hiroshima Airport 21.15 Km away
Hiroshimanishi Airport 62.0 Km away
Matsuyama Airport 63.81 Km away
Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station 80.07 Km away
Takamatsu Airport 86.14 Km away
Okayama Airport 86.65 Km away


Destination Information

Kōsan-ji 0.49 Km away
Nakano Dam 2.13 Km away
Geiyo Islands 2.25 Km away
Ikuchi-jima 2.81 Km away
Tatara Bridge 5.42 Km away
Akisaizaki Station 5.61 Km away
Takoutaue-ike Dam 6.58 Km away
Sunami Station 7.32 Km away
Kamiura Dam 7.82 Km away
Ōkunoshima 8.44 Km away
Ohyama Oku-Ike Dam 8.61 Km away
Okuyama Dam (Hiroshima,Japan) 8.67 Km away
Tadanoumi Station 9.32 Km away
Ōyamazumi Shrine 9.6 Km away
Ōmishima Island, Ehime 9.62 Km away
Ochi District, Ehime 9.7 Km away
Chūshi Powerline Crossing 9.76 Km away
Itozaki Station 9.86 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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