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Top 5 ways to experience the true heart of Perugia, Italy

Located in the central Italian region of Umbria, the small city of Perugia remains somewhat under the radar for many international travelers to Italy. We frequently send Italy Beyond the Obvious travelers to Perugia for history and culture, and because its a perfect city to explore on foot. Spend a day or so in Perugia [...]
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The 5 best Paris luxury hotels with a pool

Paris is a favorite destination for couples celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, as well as families seeking a cultural city break.And from its legendary museums, such as the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and Musee Rodin to its lovely gardens, such as the Jardin du Luxembourg to its excellent Michelin star restaurants and farmers markets, there’s so [...]
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The ultimate luxury in Portugal

Portugal’s Algarve is home to some of the most enchanting, dramatic coastlines to be found in Europe, not to mention the superb golf courses, delicious food and charming towns. The Portuguese are especially hospitable people, which makes a trip there even more enjoyable. Add to this the fact that the Algarve boasts some incredible, spectacular [...]
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Top 10 diving sites in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has long attracted holiday-makers with its white sandy beaches, swaying palms, and turquoise waters. And whilst the ocean vistas create postcard-perfect scenes from the shore, under the surface it’s home to a dazzling array of fish and coral, making it a paradise for scuba divers. Here’s our list of the top 10 undersea [...]
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Niche tourism in Ecuador

The digital age has changed everyone’s life, as well as people’s style of traveling and how tour operators organize trips. Today’s travelers have to deal with an immense, almost unmanageable amount of online information, which poses new challenges for individuals and tour operators alike. All of this means that concepts of specialization, innovation, efficiency, and [...]
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Luxury travel treats: sailing special

This week we’ll be driving to Brittany in France so that our boys can compete in the World Championships for the boat that they sail. It seems fitting, therefore, that this week’s round-up of luxury travel treats has a focus on sailing gear. Whether you’re into race sailing or something a little more leisurely, you’re [...]
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10 of the best star bed experiences in Africa

It’s time to experience the wilderness at its most exciting: laid bare beneath a canopy of stars. Whether you are out on safari in the plains, the delta, or the desert, nothing beats sleeping outside. You’ll be surrounded by the noises of nocturnal animals, and otherwise the world around you is completely still. Star beds [...]
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10 ways yacht charters trump other luxury vacations

Maybe you take a family holiday every year, but you want this one to be special. You’re tossing up between all the usual luxury vacation options the exclusive hotel or private villa, the high-end cruise ship or island resort. Forget all that. There’s a much better way – one which combines all the best of [...]
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Top 6 things to do in Taipei

Taipei surprised me as a very interesting and entertaining city. Taipei was not in the popular destination category for tourism. They have just started showing up their beauty and culture around the world. With their street food, organised city and lovely nature, more and more tourists are being attracted to this city. They have Chinese [...]
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The 6 best brunch options in Denver

Denver International Airport is a gateway hub and destination airport as it is now the 7th busiest airport in the U.S. With that increase in business comes the explosion of dining options. Maybe it traces back to the cowpoke days, but breakfast and an early start are pretty synonymous with the region. And if you [...]
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Specialist holidays with Authentic Adventures

There appears to be a growing trend for travellers to look for holidays that match either their existing interests or hobbies or take up new challenges. I have just returned from one such holiday organised by Authentic Adventures who specialise in walking, singing and painting tours with specialist tutors in those fields. I travelled to [...]
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Unsung Andalusia

Even with Spaniards outside of Malaga province, you’d be hard pressed to find many people that know the region of La Axarquia by name. It is a mostly sleepy and agricultural little area on the hilly, eastern edge of Malaga province, where the mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea. Goat herds dot the pastoral landscapes in [...]
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Top tips for visiting Sri Lanka

Did you know that Marco Polo once wrote that Sri Lanka was the finest island he had ever seen? Ever since the 12th century until present day, Sri Lanka has remained a popular exotic island country which is descended upon by travellers each year, especially during the peak holiday seasons. Visiting Asia’s tropical paradise is [...]
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