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The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Time: 00:58 / Sunrise: 06:24 / Sunset: 20:08

Toronto M5V 3G7, 181 Wellington Street West, Downtown, Ontario, Canada

rates* from 600 USD / night


Hotel Group The Ritz-Carlton
Accolades AAA Five Diamond Award, Forbes Five Stars
Rates* per Night from 600 USD
Opening Year 2010
Floors 20


Total Guest Rooms 263
Rooms 200
Suites 63
Smallest Bedroom 41 m² / 449 ft²
Largest Bedroom 224 m² / 2414 ft²


Spa/Wellness 2136 m² / 22999 ft²
Treatment Areas 16
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 12 m / 42 ft – 85 m² / 923 ft²


Restaurants 1


AAA Five Diamond Award, City, Fitness, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Forbes Five Stars, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor


Destination Information

First Ontario Parliament Buildings 0.05 Km away
Ritz-Carlton Toronto 0.05 Km away
Simcoe Park 0.08 Km away
Pecaut Square 0.1 Km away
Canadian Broadcasting Centre 0.11 Km away
CBC Museum 0.11 Km away
Metro Hall 0.12 Km away
Simcoe Place 0.12 Km away
CBC Music 0.12 Km away
Statue of Glenn Gould 0.14 Km away
Roy Thomson Hall 0.14 Km away
Fan Expo Canada 0.15 Km away
Art Toronto 0.15 Km away
John Bassett Theatre 0.15 Km away
Metro Toronto Convention Centre 0.15 Km away
RBC Centre 0.17 Km away
Canada's Walk of Fame 0.18 Km away
Royal Alexandra Theatre 0.2 Km away
St. Andrew's Church (Toronto) 0.22 Km away
Russell Creek (Ontario) 0.22 Km away
Princess of Wales Theatre 0.24 Km away
Union Building, Toronto 0.25 Km away
SkyWalk 0.26 Km away
Toronto International Film Festival 0.29 Km away
Minikino Film Week 0.29 Km away
Beloit International Film Festival 0.29 Km away
Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology 0.29 Km away
Inside Out Film and Video Festival 0.29 Km away
TIFF Lightbox 0.29 Km away
Simcoe Street Tunnel 0.29 Km away
Toronto Union Station (1873) 0.29 Km away
Toronto Union Station (1858) 0.29 Km away
Lower Simcoe Street underpass murals 0.3 Km away
Sun Life Centre 0.3 Km away
Lord Simcoe Hotel 0.32 Km away
CN Tower 0.32 Km away
St. Andrew station 0.32 Km away
CKFM-FM 0.33 Km away
Greater Toronto Bioregion 0.33 Km away
CHIN (AM) 0.33 Km away
CJRT-FM 0.33 Km away
Greater Toronto Area 0.33 Km away
CILQ-FM 0.33 Km away
Woodpecker Column 0.34 Km away
Ripley's Aquarium of Canada 0.34 Km away
CBV Institute 0.35 Km away
CPA Canada 0.35 Km away
Killing of Ken Lee 0.35 Km away
John Street (Toronto) 0.36 Km away
Excellence Canada 0.36 Km away
Olympic Park (Toronto) 0.37 Km away
Hyatt Regency Toronto 0.39 Km away
Grasett Park 0.4 Km away
Shangri-La Toronto 0.4 Km away
Front Street (Toronto) 0.42 Km away
Rossin House Hotel 0.42 Km away
Chewitt Building 0.42 Km away
Southcore Financial Centre 0.43 Km away
Imperial Room 0.43 Km away
Delta Toronto Hotel 0.43 Km away
Exchange Tower 0.44 Km away
The Pasture 0.45 Km away
Megaptera (sculpture) 0.45 Km away
Statue of Edward S. Rogers Jr. 0.45 Km away
Fairmont Royal York 0.45 Km away
Canadian National 6213 0.46 Km away
Rogers Centre 0.48 Km away
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto 0.48 Km away
Queen's Hotel, Toronto 0.49 Km away
250 Richmond Street West 0.5 Km away
Roundhouse Park 0.51 Km away
Steam Whistle Brewing 0.51 Km away
Financial District, Toronto 0.51 Km away
Monument to Multiculturalism 0.51 Km away
Railway Lands 0.52 Km away
Great Fire of Toronto (1904) 0.52 Km away
Union station (TTC) 0.53 Km away
Union Station (Toronto) 0.53 Km away
CTV Sci-Fi Channel 0.53 Km away
CP24 Breakfast 0.53 Km away
CP24 0.53 Km away
BookTelevision 0.53 Km away
Stingray Juicebox 0.53 Km away
CHUM Limited 0.53 Km away
Electric Circus 0.53 Km away
Fashion Television (TV channel) 0.53 Km away
CITY-DT 0.53 Km away
E! (Canadian TV channel) 0.53 Km away
Bank of Canada Building (Toronto) 0.54 Km away
Much (TV channel) 0.55 Km away
St. Andrew—St. Patrick 0.56 Km away
Telus Harbour 0.56 Km away
CHUM-FM 0.56 Km away
Dreaming (sculpture) 0.56 Km away
Adam Beck Memorial 0.56 Km away
Marketwired 0.56 Km away
First Canadian Place 0.56 Km away
CFXJ-FM 0.56 Km away
23 Hop 0.56 Km away
Clarence Square 0.56 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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