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The Okura Prestige Taipei

Time: 03:25 / Sunrise: 05:06 / Sunset: 18:34

Taipei, 9 Nanjing E. Rd., Sec. 1, Taiwan

rates* from 261 USD / night


Rooftop Pool


Hotel Group Okura Hotels & Resorts
Rates* per Night from 261 USD
Opening Year 2012
Floors 18


Total Guest Rooms 208
Rooms 202
Suites 6
Smallest Bedroom 44 m² / 473 ft²
Largest Bedroom 228 m² / 2454 ft²


Spa/Wellness 240 m² / 2583 ft²
Treatment Areas 3
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 20 m / 65 ft – 150 m² / 1614 ft²


Restaurants 3


City, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Gym, Rooftop Pool, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Taipei Film House 0.12 Km away
Regent Taipei 0.2 Km away
Zhongshan MRT station 0.29 Km away
Zhongshan Metro Mall 0.4 Km away
Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei 0.52 Km away
Shuanglian MRT station 0.62 Km away
Qsquare 0.72 Km away
Taipei Bus Station 0.74 Km away
Shandao Temple 0.79 Km away
Shipai, Beitou 0.81 Km away
Taipei station 0.81 Km away
Chen Dexing Ancestral Hall 0.81 Km away
List of ambassadors of São Tomé and Príncipe to China 0.84 Km away
Shandao Temple MRT station 0.87 Km away
Control Yuan 0.87 Km away
Chien-Cheng Circle 0.9 Km away
Bureau of Mines (Republic of China) 0.91 Km away
Taiwan Film Institute 0.96 Km away
Sunflower Student Movement 0.98 Km away
Songjiang Nanjing MRT station 0.99 Km away
Blessed Imelda's School 0.99 Km away
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Taipei 1.0 Km away
List of ambassadors of China to Panama 1.0 Km away
Taipei Main station (Taoyuan Metro) 1.01 Km away
Legislative Yuan 1.03 Km away
Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Park 1.04 Km away
Forestry Bureau 1.05 Km away
Cheng Kung Senior High School 1.08 Km away
Insect Science Museum 1.08 Km away
Shin Kong Life Tower 1.08 Km away
List of ambassadors of Panama to China 1.09 Km away
Huashan 1914 Creative Park 1.09 Km away
Agriculture and Food Agency 1.12 Km away
Syntrend Creative Park 1.12 Km away
Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Hall 1.13 Km away
Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development 1.13 Km away
Minquan West Road MRT station 1.13 Km away
Tianma Tea House 1.14 Km away
Suho Paper Memorial Museum 1.14 Km away
Gate of Taipei 1.15 Km away
National Taipei University of Business 1.16 Km away
Taiwan–Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation Council 1.17 Km away
Mainland Affairs Council 1.17 Km away
Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station 1.18 Km away
Guang Hua Digital Plaza 1.21 Km away
Datong District, Taipei 1.22 Km away
National Taiwan University Hospital 1.23 Km away
Datong High School (Taipei) 1.24 Km away
Xingtian Temple MRT station 1.24 Km away
Twatutia 1.28 Km away
Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance 1.28 Km away
Customs Museum 1.29 Km away
Taipei Post Office 1.31 Km away
Museum of Jade Art 1.31 Km away
Taipei Qin Hall 1.33 Km away
Qidong Street Japanese Houses 1.33 Km away
NTU Hospital MRT station 1.35 Km away
National Taiwan Museum 1.37 Km away
Kwoh-ting Li's Residence 1.4 Km away
Cafe Astoria 1.42 Km away
Taipei Futai Street Mansion 1.42 Km away
Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum 1.47 Km away
228 Peace Memorial Park 1.48 Km away
Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station 1.49 Km away
Museum of Medical Humanities 1.5 Km away
Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School 1.51 Km away
Taipei Guest House 1.54 Km away
Securities and Futures Bureau 1.55 Km away
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research 1.55 Km away
Daqiaotou MRT station 1.58 Km away
Tatung University 1.58 Km away
Hsing Tian Kong 1.59 Km away
Evergreen Maritime Museum 1.61 Km away
Chinese Taipei Athletics Association 1.64 Km away
Dadaocheng Wharf 1.65 Km away
Ketagalan Boulevard 1.66 Km away
Ama Museum 1.66 Km away
Sun Yun-suan Memorial Museum 1.66 Km away
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Taiwan) 1.66 Km away
Jut Art Museum 1.68 Km away
Zhongshan Hall 1.69 Km away
Voice of Han 1.7 Km away
Taipei 1.71 Km away
Jieshou Park 1.72 Km away
Chang Foundation Museum 1.73 Km away
State-owned Enterprises Commission 1.75 Km away
Presidential Office Building 1.8 Km away
National Central Library 1.83 Km away
Ximen MRT station 1.84 Km away
Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum 1.88 Km away
Zhongshan Soccer Stadium 1.9 Km away
China Women's Federation 1.92 Km away
Ximending 1.93 Km away
Supreme Court of the Republic of China 1.94 Km away
Taipei First Girls' High School 1.94 Km away
Judicial Yuan Building 1.98 Km away
Judicial Yuan 1.98 Km away
Red Envelope club 1.98 Km away
Rongxing Garden Park 2.0 Km away
Liberty Square (Taipei) 2.02 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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