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Rosewood Washington, D.C.

Time: 04:58 / Sunrise: 07:10 / Sunset: 17:34

Washington, D.C. 20007, 1050 31st St NW Washington, Georgetown, District of Columbia, United States

rates* from 800 USD / night


Six Townhouses.
Rooftop Bar Rooftop Pool


Hotel Group Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
Rates* per Night from 800 USD
Opening Year 2013
Renovation Year 2019
Floors 5


Total Guest Rooms 55
Rooms 37
Suites 18
Smallest Bedroom 33 m² / 358 ft²
Largest Bedroom 120 m² / 1299 ft²



Restaurants 1


Boutique, City, Fitness, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Pet Friendly, Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Pool, Smoke Free


Destination Information

Rosewood Washington, D.C. 0.0 Km away
Grace Episcopal Church (Washington, D.C.) 0.07 Km away
The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown 0.1 Km away
Blues Alley 0.11 Km away
Filomena Ristorante 0.11 Km away
List of ambassadors of South Sudan to the United States 0.11 Km away
Suter's Tavern 0.12 Km away
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal commemorative obelisk 0.13 Km away
Embassy of Thailand, Washington, D.C. 0.15 Km away
List of ambassadors of Thailand to the United States 0.15 Km away
The Bayou 0.18 Km away
Farmers and Mechanics Bank (Georgetown) 0.18 Km away
City Tavern Club 0.19 Km away
Vigilant Firehouse 0.19 Km away
Michel Richard Citronelle 0.19 Km away
Old Stone House (Washington, D.C.) 0.19 Km away
Georgetown Waterfront Park 0.2 Km away
Customhouse and Post Office (Washington, D.C.) 0.21 Km away
Georgetown Park 0.21 Km away
Embassy of Venezuela, Washington, D.C. 0.25 Km away
Washington Harbour 0.27 Km away
List of ambassadors of Liechtenstein to the United States 0.33 Km away
Martin's Tavern 0.34 Km away
Laird-Dunlop House 0.34 Km away
Newton D. Baker House 0.35 Km away
List of ambassadors of Mongolia to the United States 0.35 Km away
Embassy of Mongolia, Washington, D.C. 0.35 Km away
Georgetown Market 0.35 Km away
House of Sweden 0.36 Km away
Embassy of Sweden, Washington, D.C. 0.36 Km away
K Street Bridge 0.36 Km away
Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, D.C. 0.38 Km away
Georgetown Inn 0.4 Km away
Isaac Owens House 0.42 Km away
John Stoddert Haw House 0.42 Km away
L Street Bridge 0.43 Km away
Georgetown Cupcake 0.43 Km away
1222 28th Street NW 0.44 Km away
Godey Lime Kilns 0.47 Km away
Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge 0.47 Km away
Smith Row 0.48 Km away
Mount Zion United Methodist Church (Washington, D.C.) 0.49 Km away
St. John's Episcopal Church, Georgetown 0.5 Km away
Kesher Israel (Washington, D.C.) 0.5 Km away
M Street Bridge (Washington, D.C.) 0.53 Km away
Embassy of Ukraine, Washington, D.C. 0.55 Km away
Forrest-Marbury House 0.55 Km away
Tidewater Lock 0.55 Km away
The Cellar Door 0.56 Km away
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park 0.57 Km away
Halcyon House 0.6 Km away
Mullett Rowhouses 0.61 Km away
Rock Creek (Potomac River tributary) 0.62 Km away
Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) 0.68 Km away
Quality Hill, Washington, D.C. 0.7 Km away
Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 0.73 Km away
Prospect House (Washington, D.C.) 0.73 Km away
Saint Stephen Martyr Catholic Church (Washington, D.C.) 0.74 Km away
Georgetown Car Barn 0.75 Km away
Exorcist steps 0.77 Km away
Church of St. Paul's, K Street (Washington, D.C.) 0.78 Km away
Tudor Place 0.78 Km away
Columbia Hospital for Women 0.78 Km away
Key Bridge (Washington, D.C.) 0.78 Km away
Potomac Boat Club 0.78 Km away
Aqueduct Bridge (Potomac River) 0.78 Km away
Theodore Roosevelt Island 0.78 Km away
Camp Greene (Washington, D.C.) 0.78 Km away
Transformers (sculptures) 0.82 Km away
Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Washington, D.C.) 0.82 Km away
Mortara Center For International Studies 0.83 Km away
Holy Trinity School (Washington, D.C.) 0.83 Km away
Watergate complex 0.85 Km away
St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Washington, D.C.) 0.87 Km away
The Fairmont Washington, D.C. 0.88 Km away
White House Correspondents' Association 0.89 Km away
Dumbarton House 0.89 Km away
Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School 0.9 Km away
Volta Laboratory and Bureau 0.9 Km away
Embassy of Spain, Washington, D.C. 0.9 Km away
The Westin Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 0.91 Km away
Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington 0.92 Km away
Washington Canoe Club 0.93 Km away
Park Hyatt Washington 0.93 Km away
West End Neighborhood Library 0.95 Km away
Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Washington, D.C. 0.95 Km away
Lauinger Library 0.97 Km away
Medical Society of the District of Columbia 0.98 Km away
Don Quixote (Kennedy Center sculpture) 0.99 Km away
Equestrian statue of George Washington (Washington Circle) 0.99 Km away
Trout Unlimited 0.99 Km away
Oak Hill Cemetery (Washington, D.C.) 0.99 Km away
George Washington University Hospital 0.99 Km away
George Washington University 1.0 Km away
George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences 1.0 Km away
Milken Institute School of Public Health 1.0 Km away
Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel (Washington, D.C.) 1.0 Km away
Washington Circle 1.01 Km away
Christ Church (Georgetown, Washington, D.C.) 1.01 Km away
Statue of John Carroll 1.01 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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