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Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah

Time: 14:52 / Sunrise: 06:16 / Sunset: 19:49

Istanbul 34430, Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:52, Beyoğlu, Turkey

rates* from 150 USD / night

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Hotel Group Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts
Rates* per Night from 150 USD
Opening Year 1892
Renovation Year 2010
Floors 6
Celebrities Atatürk, Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemingway


Total Guest Rooms 115
Rooms 99
Suites 16
Smallest Bedroom 30 m² / 322 ft²
Largest Bedroom 115 m² / 1237 ft²


Spa/Wellness 380 m² / 4090 ft²
Treatment Areas 4
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 8 m / 26 ft – 32 m² / 344 ft²


Restaurants 1


City, Gym, Hamam, Historic, Hotel Legends, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor


Destination Information

Pera Palace Hotel 0.0 Km away
Mikla Restaurant 0.04 Km away
Surp Yerrortutyun Armenian Catholic Church 0.16 Km away
Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra 0.19 Km away
Church of St. Mary Draperis, Istanbul 0.2 Km away
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium 0.22 Km away
Beyoğlu Anatolian High School 0.23 Km away
Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Istanbul 0.28 Km away
Mısır Apartment 0.3 Km away
Beyoğlu (Tünel) 0.3 Km away
Şişhane (Istanbul Metro) 0.38 Km away
Deutsche Schule Istanbul 0.41 Km away
Liceo Italiano di Istanbul 0.44 Km away
Galatasaray, Beyoğlu 0.46 Km away
Çiçek Pasajı 0.48 Km away
Crimea Memorial Church 0.48 Km away
Neve Shalom Synagogue 0.5 Km away
Zografeion Lyceum 0.56 Km away
Italian Synagogue (Istanbul) 0.63 Km away
Ashkenazi Synagogue of Istanbul 0.67 Km away
Church of SS Peter and Paul, Istanbul 0.72 Km away
Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Istanbul 0.72 Km away
Greek Catholic Apostolic Exarchate of Istanbul 0.72 Km away
Ağa hamamı 0.72 Km away
Church of Saint Benoit, Istanbul 0.73 Km away
Getronagan Armenian High School 0.74 Km away
St. George's Austrian High School 0.74 Km away
March 2016 Istanbul bombing 0.76 Km away
Arap Mosque 0.78 Km away
Tophane Fountain 0.8 Km away
Bankalar Caddesi 0.8 Km away
Kılıç Ali Pasha Complex 0.81 Km away
Galatasaray Beyoğlu Hasnun Galip Volleyball Academy 0.81 Km away
Orhan Kemal Literature Museum 0.84 Km away
Tophane 0.84 Km away
Sokollu Mehmed Pasha Mosque (Azapkapı) 0.84 Km away
The Inspection Board of Finance of Turkey 0.85 Km away
Dolapdere 0.85 Km away
Nusretiye Mosque 0.9 Km away
Taksim German Hospital 0.92 Km away
Tünel 0.92 Km away
Karaköy (Tünel) 0.93 Km away
Galata 0.93 Km away
Karaköy 0.94 Km away
Taksim Surp Harutyun Church 0.98 Km away
Port of Istanbul 1.01 Km away
Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church, Istanbul 1.01 Km away
Atatürk Bridge 1.04 Km away
Changa (restaurant) 1.07 Km away
Golden Horn 1.07 Km away
Karaköy Pier 1.08 Km away
Haliç (Istanbul Metro) 1.08 Km away
2010 Istanbul bombing 1.13 Km away
Golden Horn Metro Bridge 1.13 Km away
Republic Monument 1.15 Km away
2012 Istanbul rally to commemorate the Khojaly massacre 1.21 Km away
Taksim Square 1.21 Km away
Galata Bridge 1.24 Km away
Taksim (Istanbul Metro) 1.25 Km away
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University 1.31 Km away
Vefa Stadium 1.33 Km away
Atatürk Cultural Center 1.34 Km away
Taksim Gezi Park 1.37 Km away
Molla Çelebi Mosque 1.43 Km away
Istanbul Commerce University 1.48 Km away
Surp Agop Hospital 1.49 Km away
Ayakapı 1.52 Km away
Eminönü 1.56 Km away
Rüstem Pasha Mosque 1.57 Km away
New Mosque (Istanbul) 1.58 Km away
Kabataş, Beyoğlu 1.6 Km away
Ayaspaşa 1.61 Km away
Neorion Harbour 1.61 Km away
Sack of Constantinople (1204) 1.63 Km away
Siege of Constantinople (1203) 1.63 Km away
Siege of Constantinople (1422) 1.63 Km away
Siege of Constantinople (1260) 1.63 Km away
Fall of Constantinople 1.63 Km away
Spice Bazaar 1.66 Km away
Kabataş (Istanbul Metro) 1.67 Km away
İşbank Museum 1.69 Km away
Aynalıkavak Palace 1.71 Km away
Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Amida 1.71 Km away
Istanbul 4th Vakıf Han 1.73 Km away
Pangaltı Armenian Cemetery 1.74 Km away
Basketmakers' Kiosk 1.76 Km away
Taşkışla 1.76 Km away
Prosphorion Harbour 1.77 Km away
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit 1.81 Km away
Istanbul Postal Museum 1.81 Km away
Süleymaniye Hamam 1.82 Km away
Sirkeci railway station 1.82 Km away
Lycée Notre Dame de Sion Istanbul 1.82 Km away
Sirkeci 1.83 Km away
Piyale Pasha Mosque 1.83 Km away
Fener, Fatih 1.84 Km away
Grand Post Office 1.84 Km away
St. George's Cathedral, Istanbul 1.84 Km away
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople 1.86 Km away
Süleymaniye Mosque 1.86 Km away

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