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Park Hyatt Seoul

Time: 18:23 / Sunrise: 05:11 / Sunset: 19:56

Seoul 135-502, 995-14 Daechi 3, Gangnam District, South Korea

rates* from 299 USD / night


Hotel Group Park Hyatt
Rates* per Night from 299 USD
Opening Year 2005
Floors 24


Total Guest Rooms 185
Rooms 147
Suites 38
Smallest Bedroom 42 m² / 452 ft²
Largest Bedroom 160 m² / 1722 ft²


Spa/Wellness 570 m² / 6135 ft²
Treatment Areas 3
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 17 m / 55 ft – 68 m² / 731 ft²


Restaurants 1


City, Design, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Gym, Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Spa, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor


Destination Information

Samseong station 0.06 Km away
Parnas Tower 0.29 Km away
Trade Tower 0.34 Km away
World Trade Center Seoul 0.35 Km away
Hyundai Global Business Center 0.39 Km away
Korea City Air Terminal 0.43 Km away
Whimoon High School 0.44 Km away
COEX Convention & Exhibition Center 0.6 Km away
Starfield COEX Mall 0.6 Km away
ASEM Tower 0.62 Km away
COEX Aquarium 0.64 Km away
Museum Kimchikan 0.65 Km away
Bongeunsa station 0.72 Km away
Jamsil Baseball Stadium 0.81 Km away
Sports Complex station 0.88 Km away
Samseong-dong 0.91 Km away
Tancheon 0.93 Km away
Posco Art Museum 0.95 Km away
Yangjaecheon 0.97 Km away
Bongeunsa 0.99 Km away
Seoul Sports Complex 1.02 Km away
Jamsil Students' Gymnasium 1.07 Km away
Asia Park 1.1 Km away
Seoul Olympic Stadium 1.12 Km away
Samseong Jungang station 1.13 Km away
Kyunggi High School 1.21 Km away
Seonjeongneung 1.32 Km away
Jamsil Arena 1.36 Km away
Seolleung station 1.41 Km away
Daechi station 1.56 Km away
Daechi-dong 1.57 Km away
Cheongdam station 1.6 Km away
Hanti station 1.71 Km away
Seonjeongneung station 1.81 Km away
Cheongdam Bridge 1.96 Km away
Jamsilsaenae station 1.96 Km away
Daemosan station 2.08 Km away
Dogok station 2.11 Km away
Daecheong station 2.15 Km away
Hangnyeoul station 2.15 Km away
Gaepo-dong station 2.19 Km away
Sookmyung Girls' High School 2.2 Km away
Gangnam-gu Office station 2.23 Km away
Cheongdam-dong 2.27 Km away
Samsung Tower Palace 2.43 Km away
LG Gangnam Tower 2.44 Km away
Yeongdong Bridge 2.46 Km away
Guryong station 2.47 Km away
Yeoksam station 2.56 Km away
Samsung Tower Palace 3 – Tower G 2.56 Km away
Ttukseom Resort station 2.58 Km away
Gangnam Finance Center 2.63 Km away
Eonju station 2.67 Km away
Maebong station 2.85 Km away
Hakdong station 2.93 Km away
Apgujeongrodeo station 2.97 Km away
Milal Museum of Art 2.99 Km away
Lotte World Folk Museum 3.01 Km away
Jamsil Bridge 3.01 Km away
Kukkiwon 3.07 Km away
Lotte World 3.16 Km away
Comet Express 3.22 Km away
Jamsil station 3.23 Km away
Irwon station 3.26 Km away
Samjeondo Monument 3.32 Km away
Star City Mall 3.32 Km away
Korea Foreign School 3.34 Km away
Eunkwang Girls' High School 3.38 Km away
Seokchon Lake Park 3.43 Km away
Lotte World Tower 3.43 Km away
Gangnam station 3.44 Km away
Gangnam District 3.49 Km away
Sinnonhyeon station 3.53 Km away
Konkuk University station 3.53 Km away
Samsung Town 3.54 Km away
Namsung electronics 3.54 Km away
Seocho Garak Tower East 3.58 Km away
Gwangjin District 3.63 Km away
Boutique Monaco 3.7 Km away
Jamsillaru station 3.74 Km away
Suseo-dong 3.74 Km away
Apgujeong High School 3.75 Km away
Simone Handbag Museum 3.78 Km away
Yangjae station 3.78 Km away
Nonhyeon station 3.78 Km away
Seokchon station 3.79 Km away
Apgujeong station 3.8 Km away
Guui station 3.8 Km away
Songpa District 3.8 Km away
Apgujeong-dong 3.85 Km away
Konkuk University 3.87 Km away
Konkuk University Law School 3.87 Km away
Seocho District 3.93 Km away
Gangbyeon station 3.99 Km away
Seongsu station 4.06 Km away
Suseo station 4.11 Km away
Seongsu Bridge 4.12 Km away
Hyundai Senior High School 4.14 Km away
Torch Trinity Graduate University 4.23 Km away
Seoul Forest station 4.27 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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