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Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC

Time: 13:50 / Sunrise: 05:43 / Sunset: 20:37

Washington, D.C. 20024, 1330 Maryland Avenue, SW, District of Columbia, United States

rates* from 340 USD / night


Hotel Group Mandarin Oriental
Rates* per Night from 340 USD
Opening Year 2004
Renovation Year 2017
Floors 9


Total Guest Rooms 426
Rooms 373
Suites 53
Smallest Bedroom 37 m² / 398 ft²
Largest Bedroom 391 m² / 4208 ft²


Spa/Wellness 1006 m² / 10828 ft²
Treatment Areas 8
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 15 m / 50 ft – 90 m² / 968 ft²


Restaurants 1


City, Garden, Gym, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor


Destination Information

Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C. 0.02 Km away
Maine Avenue (Washington, D.C.) 0.1 Km away
CityZen 0.12 Km away
Federal Communications Commission 0.13 Km away
Central Heating Plant 0.24 Km away
U.S. Department of Agriculture Cotton Annex 0.3 Km away
Sidney Yates Building 0.39 Km away
Banneker Circle 0.42 Km away
Loss and Regeneration 0.43 Km away
National Cherry Blossom Festival 0.47 Km away
Inner Loop (Washington, D.C.) 0.47 Km away
Jamie L. Whitten Building 0.48 Km away
United States Department of Agriculture South Building 0.48 Km away
United States Department of Agriculture 0.48 Km away
Ohio Drive (Washington, D.C.) 0.49 Km away
United States Department of Energy 0.51 Km away
United States Department of Agriculture Building 0.51 Km away
Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum 0.53 Km away
L'Enfant Plaza Hotel 0.54 Km away
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery 0.58 Km away
Enid A. Haupt Garden 0.61 Km away
S. Dillon Ripley Center 0.61 Km away
Smithsonian station 0.62 Km away
National Museum of African Art 0.63 Km away
American Psychiatric Association 0.63 Km away
Jefferson Memorial 0.64 Km away
Kastles Stadium at The Wharf 0.66 Km away
14th Street (Washington, D.C.) 0.66 Km away
Smithsonian Institution Building 0.67 Km away
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development 0.67 Km away
Smithsonian Institution 0.69 Km away
Arts and Industries Building 0.7 Km away
Professor Joseph Henry 0.71 Km away
Constitution Center (Washington, D.C.) 0.72 Km away
L'Enfant Plaza station 0.73 Km away
Tidal Basin 0.75 Km away
Washington Monument 0.77 Km away
L'Enfant Plaza 0.81 Km away
Untitled (Kelly) 0.81 Km away
Army Medical Museum and Library 0.82 Km away
George Washington (Greenough) 0.82 Km away
St. Dominic Catholic Church (Washington, D.C.) 0.83 Km away
USS Philadelphia (1776) 0.84 Km away
Brushstroke 0.84 Km away
National Museum of American History 0.84 Km away
National Museum of African American History and Culture 0.84 Km away
Kiepenkerl 0.84 Km away
Kutz Memorial Bridge 0.86 Km away
Clamdigger (de Kooning) 0.86 Km away
Evocation of a Form: Human, Lunar, Spectral 0.87 Km away
Jefferson Pier 0.87 Km away
Horse and Rider (Marini) 0.87 Km away
Delta Solar 0.89 Km away
Cuban Friendship Urn 0.9 Km away
National Mall 0.9 Km away
George Mason Memorial 0.91 Km away
National Museum of Natural History 0.92 Km away
John Paul Jones Memorial 0.94 Km away
Department of Labor Building 0.95 Km away
National Mall and Memorial Parks 0.95 Km away
Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium 0.99 Km away
National Air and Space Museum 1.01 Km away
U.S. Capitol Gatehouses and Gateposts 1.01 Km away
Murder Bay 1.03 Km away
Federal Triangle 1.03 Km away
United States Department of Education 1.03 Km away
Southeastern University (Washington, D.C.) 1.03 Km away
National Library of Education (United States) 1.04 Km away
Washington metropolitan area 1.04 Km away
Cluster of Four Cubes 1.05 Km away
Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial 1.07 Km away
2011 White House shooting 1.08 Km away
National World War II Memorial 1.09 Km away
Rainbow Pool 1.09 Km away
Puellae 1.09 Km away
Captain Nathan Hale (statue) 1.1 Km away
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 1.1 Km away
Aurora (sculpture) 1.1 Km away
Bearing Witness (sculpture) 1.1 Km away
Internal Revenue Service Building 1.11 Km away
Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory 1.11 Km away
National Aquarium in Washington, D.C. 1.12 Km away
Arena Stage 1.12 Km away
USS Sequoia (presidential yacht) 1.13 Km away
Oscar Straus Memorial 1.13 Km away
Heritage (sculpture) 1.13 Km away
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center 1.13 Km away
Federal Triangle station 1.13 Km away
William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building 1.14 Km away
United States Environmental Protection Agency 1.14 Km away
Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building 1.15 Km away
L'Enfant Plan 1.15 Km away
Museum of the Bible 1.16 Km away
Old Post Office (Washington, D.C.) 1.16 Km away
Guardianship (sculpture) 1.16 Km away
United States Department of Justice 1.16 Km away
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station 1.17 Km away
Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy of the United States of America and Canada 1.18 Km away
Center Market, Washington, D.C. 1.18 Km away
National Archives Building 1.18 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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