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Lotte Hotel Moscow

Time: 05:34 / Sunrise: 03:45 / Sunset: 21:18

Moscow 121099, 8 bld.2, Novinskiy Blvd., Central Location, Russia

rates* from 505 USD / night


Hotel Group Lotte Hotels & Resorts
Affiliation The Leading Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 505 USD
Opening Year 2010
Floors 10


Total Guest Rooms 304
Rooms 266
Suites 38
Smallest Bedroom 48 m² / 516 ft²
Largest Bedroom 490 m² / 5274 ft²


Spa/Wellness 2100 m² / 22604 ft²
Treatment Areas 7
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 21 m / 68 ft – 168 m² / 1808 ft²


Restaurants 2


City, Gym, Hamam, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Swimming Pool Indoor, The Leading Hotels of the World


Destination Information

Lotte Hotel Moscow 0.1 Km away
Embassy of the Philippines, Moscow 0.16 Km away
Smolenskaya (Filyovskaya line) 0.18 Km away
Smolenskaya Square 0.28 Km away
Spaso House 0.28 Km away
Smolenskaya (Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line) 0.33 Km away
Shcherbatov apartment house 0.36 Km away
Arbat District 0.41 Km away
Embassy of the United Kingdom in Moscow 0.42 Km away
Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute 0.46 Km away
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia) 0.47 Km away
Tsoi Wall 0.47 Km away
Novinskiy Boulevard 0.49 Km away
Krivoarbatsky Lane 0.49 Km away
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia main building 0.5 Km away
New Arbat Avenue 0.51 Km away
Embassy of Mongolia in Moscow 0.57 Km away
Independent University of Moscow 0.59 Km away
Embassy of the United States, Moscow 0.59 Km away
Golden Ring Hotel 0.6 Km away
Smolensky Metro Bridge 0.62 Km away
Embassy of Belgium in Moscow 0.67 Km away
Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane 0.71 Km away
Supreme Court of Russia 0.73 Km away
National Film Actors' Theatre 0.74 Km away
Povarskaya Street 0.75 Km away
Gnessin State Musical College 0.77 Km away
Narkomfin building 0.79 Km away
Ponizovsky House 0.79 Km away
Mindovsky House 0.81 Km away
Embassy of Canada in Moscow 0.82 Km away
Echo of Moscow 0.82 Km away
Embassy of Iceland in Moscow 0.83 Km away
Embassy of Italy in Moscow 0.83 Km away
Embassy of Cyprus in Moscow 0.83 Km away
White House (Moscow) 0.83 Km away
Borodinsky Bridge 0.85 Km away
Embassy of Norway in Moscow 0.87 Km away
Embassy of Denmark in Moscow 0.92 Km away
Embassy of Spain in Moscow 0.94 Km away
List of ambassadors of Myanmar to Russia 0.94 Km away
Embassy of Brazil in Moscow 0.95 Km away
Kudrinskaya Square Building 0.97 Km away
Embassy of Austria in Moscow 1.03 Km away
Gogolevsky Boulevard 1.04 Km away
Embassy of Laos in Moscow 1.04 Km away
Arbatskaya (Filyovskaya line) 1.08 Km away
Greater Church of the Ascension 1.09 Km away
Arbatskaya Square 1.11 Km away
Serbsky Center 1.11 Km away
List of ambassadors of Nepal to Russia 1.14 Km away
Russian Academy of Arts 1.14 Km away
Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow 1.14 Km away
Square of Europe 1.15 Km away
Embassy of South Africa in Moscow 1.16 Km away
Nikitsky Boulevard 1.17 Km away
Ministry of Defence (Russia) 1.17 Km away
Main Building of the Ministry of Defense (Russia) 1.17 Km away
List of ambassadors of Yemen to Russia 1.2 Km away
General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 1.2 Km away
Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Moscow 1.21 Km away
Lunins' House 1.22 Km away
State Museum of Oriental Art 1.22 Km away
Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street 1.22 Km away
Barrikadnaya 1.24 Km away
Mosselprom Building 1.25 Km away
Conception Convent 1.27 Km away
Krasnopresnenskaya 1.28 Km away
Embassy of Estonia in Moscow 1.3 Km away
Russian Academy of Theatre Arts 1.32 Km away
Embassy of Finland in Moscow 1.32 Km away
Kutafin Moscow State Law University 1.32 Km away
Moscow State Jewish Theatre 1.34 Km away
Embassy of Egypt in Moscow 1.34 Km away
Russian Language Institute 1.34 Km away
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow 1.35 Km away
Moscow Zoo 1.36 Km away
Kiyevskaya (Filyovskaya line) 1.36 Km away
Moscow State School 57 1.36 Km away
Embassy of India School Moscow 1.36 Km away
Kiyevskaya (Koltsevaya line) 1.36 Km away
Institute of State and Law 1.37 Km away
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Russia) 1.37 Km away
Kropotkinskaya 1.37 Km away
Volkonsky House 1.37 Km away
Kiyevskaya (Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line) 1.38 Km away
Embassy of Syria in Moscow 1.38 Km away
Vozdvizhenka Street 1.4 Km away
Arbatskaya (Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line) 1.42 Km away
Bolshaya Bronnaya Synagogue 1.43 Km away
Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 1.44 Km away
Moscow State Linguistic University 1.46 Km away
Moscow Conservatory 1.47 Km away
Rossiya Segodnya 1.47 Km away
RIA Novosti 1.47 Km away
Borovitskaya (Moscow Metro) 1.48 Km away
Galeyev Gallery 1.48 Km away
Embassy of South Korea, Moscow 1.48 Km away
Shchusev Museum of Architecture 1.49 Km away
Embassy of Greece in Moscow 1.5 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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