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Le Gray

Time: 08:06 / Sunrise: 05:40 / Sunset: 19:47

Beirut, Martyr's Square, Central Beirut District, Lebanon

rates* from 267 USD / night

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Hotel Group Campbell Gray Hotels
Affiliation The Leading Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 267 USD
Opening Year 2009
Floors 5


Total Guest Rooms 87
Rooms 12
Suites 75
Smallest Bedroom 40 m² / 430 ft²
Largest Bedroom 220 m² / 2368 ft²


Spa/Wellness 400 m² / 4305 ft²
Treatment Areas 6
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 17 m / 55 ft – 64 m² / 688 ft²


Restaurants 2


Boutique, City, Design, Gym, Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Pool, Sauna, Spa, Swimming Pool Outdoor, The Leading Hotels of the World


Destination Information

Petit Serail 0.05 Km away
Emir Assaf Mosque 0.09 Km away
Martyrs' Square, Beirut 0.1 Km away
Beirut City Hall 0.13 Km away
Al-Omari Grand Mosque 0.16 Km away
Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral 0.19 Km away
Law school of Beirut 0.26 Km away
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque 0.26 Km away
St. George Maronite Cathedral, Beirut 0.26 Km away
Parliament of Lebanon 0.29 Km away
Maronite Catholic Archeparchy of Beirut 0.31 Km away
Beirut Souks 0.33 Km away
Ministry of Finance (Lebanon) 0.34 Km away
Saifi Village 0.35 Km away
Rue Gouraud 0.38 Km away
St. Louis Cathedral, Beirut 0.39 Km away
Roman Baths, Beirut 0.4 Km away
Grand Theatre, Lebanon 0.42 Km away
Cathedral of St Elias and St Gregory the Illuminator 0.48 Km away
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia 0.53 Km away
Beirut Naval Base 0.55 Km away
Grand Serail 0.57 Km away
National Evangelical Church of Beirut 0.57 Km away
Assassination of Mohamad Chatah 0.59 Km away
Beirut Central District 0.59 Km away
Maghen Abraham Synagogue 0.63 Km away
Beirut Marathon 0.64 Km away
Gibran Khalil Gibran Garden 0.69 Km away
Saint Joseph University 0.7 Km away
551 Beirut earthquake 0.7 Km away
Wadi Abu Jamil 0.72 Km away
Ahliah school 0.86 Km away
Marina Towers (Beirut) 0.89 Km away
Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center 0.9 Km away
Zuqaq al-Blat 0.97 Km away
Sursock Museum 0.99 Km away
Orient-Institut Beirut 1.02 Km away
Ziade Palace 1.03 Km away
Siege of Beirut 1.04 Km away
Platinum Tower (Beirut) 1.06 Km away
Holiday Inn Beirut 1.12 Km away
Port of Beirut 1.19 Km away
Global University 1.2 Km away
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants (Lebanon) 1.21 Km away
Lycée Abdel Kader 1.25 Km away
Assassination of Rafic Hariri 1.26 Km away
Zakrit 1.28 Km away
Beirut Sanjak 1.28 Km away
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Lebanon) 1.28 Km away
Beirut 1.28 Km away
Timeline of Beirut 1.28 Km away
Yarze Prison 1.29 Km away
Battle of Beirut (1912) 1.29 Km away
Ghazir Club Court 1.29 Km away
Jewish cemetery of Beirut 1.37 Km away
Le Vendôme Beirut Hotel 1.49 Km away
ABC Group 1.52 Km away
École supérieure des affaires (Beirut) 1.64 Km away
Beirut Governorate 1.67 Km away
Achrafieh 1.67 Km away
Melkite Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Beirut and Jbeil 1.68 Km away
Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Beirut 1.68 Km away
Ministry of Tourism (Lebanon) 1.73 Km away
Lebanese International University 1.78 Km away
Badaro 1.79 Km away
Jesuit Garden (Beirut) 1.8 Km away
Wellspring Learning Community of Beirut 1.98 Km away
American University of Science and Technology 2.03 Km away
1983 United States embassy bombing 2.07 Km away
Ministry of Culture (Lebanon) 2.12 Km away
Crazy Horse (Beirut) 2.14 Km away
Wimpy Operation 2.15 Km away
1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon 2.15 Km away
Green Line (Lebanon) 2.21 Km away
Syriac Catholic Eparchy of Beirut 2.22 Km away
Pine Residence 2.23 Km away
Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action 2.27 Km away
Manar University of Tripoli 2.29 Km away
American University of Beirut 2.29 Km away
AUB Nature Conservation Center 2.29 Km away
Ministry of Social Affairs (Lebanon) 2.4 Km away
Karantina 2.46 Km away
Rue Verdun 2.48 Km away
Lee Observatory 2.53 Km away
Lycée Franco-Libanais Verdun 2.63 Km away
Beirut Municipal Stadium 2.7 Km away
Bliss Street 2.71 Km away
Ministry of Education and Higher Education (Lebanon) 2.73 Km away
American Community School Beirut 2.76 Km away
Mar Elias refugee camp 2.79 Km away
Beirut Arab University 2.82 Km away
Horsh Beirut 2.86 Km away
Safa Stadium 2.86 Km away
Yacoubian Building (Beirut) 3.1 Km away
Bourj Hammoud 3.11 Km away
List of ambassadors of China to Lebanon 3.31 Km away
Avenue General de Gaulle 3.31 Km away
Corniche Beirut 3.34 Km away
Al Manara Stadium 3.47 Km away
Nejmeh SC 3.47 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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