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rates* from 421 USD /night



Affiliation Relais & Chateaux
Rates* per Night from 421 USD / 356 EUR
Opening Year 2014
Floors 2


Total Guest Rooms 6
Rooms 6
Smallest Bedroom 25 m² / 269 ft²
Largest Bedroom 45 m² / 484 ft²



Restaurants 1


Boutique, City, Golf Nearby, Historic, Relais & Chateaux, Smoke Free


Destination Information

Jardin botanique de Bordeaux 0.84 Km away
CAPC musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux 1.45 Km away
Place des Quinconces 1.45 Km away
Station CAPC (Musée d'Art Contemporain) (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.51 Km away
Station Quinconces (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.51 Km away
Bordeaux 1.59 Km away
Station Gambetta (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.59 Km away
Station Grand Théâtre (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.61 Km away
Le Bouscat 1.61 Km away
Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux 1.66 Km away
Station Chartrons (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.68 Km away
Patinoire de Mériadeck 1.79 Km away
Palais Rohan, Bordeaux 1.82 Km away
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux 1.82 Km away
Rue Sainte-Catherine (Bordeaux) 1.85 Km away
World Heritage Sites of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France 1.85 Km away
Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France 1.85 Km away
Bordeaux Cathedral 1.9 Km away
Tour Pey Berland 1.95 Km away
Station Hôtel de Ville (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.95 Km away
French National School for the Judiciary 1.95 Km away
Place de la Bourse 1.95 Km away
Bordeaux municipal library 1.96 Km away
Station Place de la Bourse (Tram de Bordeaux) 1.96 Km away
Château du Hâ 1.97 Km away
Miroir d'eau 1.99 Km away
Musée national des douanes 2.0 Km away
Station Cours du Médoc (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.05 Km away
Arrondissement of Bordeaux 2.21 Km away
Station Musée d'Aquitaine (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.21 Km away
Jardin botanique de la Bastide 2.23 Km away
Institute of the Good Shepherd 2.39 Km away
Station Les Hangars (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.44 Km away
Lycée Montaigne (Bordeaux) 2.45 Km away
Station Porte de Bourgogne (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.49 Km away
Pont de pierre (Bordeaux) 2.59 Km away
Station Victoire (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.71 Km away
Stade Chaban-Delmas 2.72 Km away
German submarine U-188 2.78 Km away
Basilica of St. Michael, Bordeaux 2.79 Km away
Station Saint-Nicolas (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.89 Km away
Station Bassins à Flot (Tram de Bordeaux) 2.95 Km away
Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas 3.01 Km away
Gare de Bordeaux État 3.16 Km away
Station Bergonié (Tram de Bordeaux) 3.21 Km away
Cité du Vin 3.23 Km away
Church of the Holy Cross, Bordeaux 3.26 Km away
Bordeaux Segalen University 3.31 Km away
Conservatoire de Bordeaux 3.32 Km away
Station Rue Achard (Tram de Bordeaux) 3.53 Km away
Station Barrière Saint-Genès (Tram de Bordeaux) 3.53 Km away
Maison carrée d'Arlac 3.83 Km away
Station New-York (Tram de Bordeaux) 3.85 Km away
Bruges, Gironde 3.86 Km away
Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion 3.87 Km away
Station Roustaing (Tram de Bordeaux) 3.99 Km away
Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Jean 4.0 Km away
Station Brandenburg (Tram de Bordeaux) 4.17 Km away
Château La Mission Haut-Brion 4.36 Km away
Château Laville Haut-Brion 4.37 Km away
Station Claveau (Tram de Bordeaux) 4.52 Km away
Station Forum (Tram de Bordeaux) 4.54 Km away
Cenon 4.54 Km away
Mérignac, Gironde 4.59 Km away
Jardin botanique de Talence 4.77 Km away
Station Peixotto (Tram de Bordeaux) 5.07 Km away
Pont d'Aquitaine 5.07 Km away
University of Bordeaux 1 5.17 Km away
Institut de Cognitique 5.25 Km away
Station Béthanie (Tram de Bordeaux) 5.25 Km away
École nationale supérieure d’électronique, informatique, télécommunications, mathématique et mécanique de Bordeaux 5.3 Km away
Station Arts et Métiers (Tram de Bordeaux) 5.31 Km away
Floirac, Gironde 5.34 Km away
Bordeaux Observatory 5.34 Km away
Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux 5.39 Km away
Château de Lormont 5.46 Km away
Bassens, Gironde 5.49 Km away
Station François Bordes (Tram de Bordeaux) 5.65 Km away
Institute of mechanics and engineering 5.66 Km away
Talence 5.88 Km away
Bègles 5.89 Km away
École nationale supérieure de chimie et de physique de Bordeaux 5.98 Km away
Château Lescombes 5.98 Km away
Stade André Moga 6.01 Km away
Eysines 6.02 Km away
Lormont 6.06 Km away
Station Doyen Brus (Tram de Bordeaux) 6.06 Km away
Pessac 6.11 Km away
Château de Blanquefort 6.27 Km away
Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux 6.35 Km away
Gare de Pessac 6.35 Km away
Institut Supérieur de Logistique Industrielle 6.37 Km away
Station Pessac Centre (Tram de Bordeaux) 6.39 Km away
Gironde 6.5 Km away
Montesquieu University 6.53 Km away
Gare de Bègles 6.55 Km away
Château de Francs 6.58 Km away
Station Montaigne Montesquieu (Tram de Bordeaux) 6.61 Km away
Bordeaux Montaigne University 6.75 Km away
Station UNITEC (Tram de Bordeaux) 6.79 Km away


* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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