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Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama

Time: 01:49 / Sunrise: 04:28 / Sunset: 19:00

Yokohama 220-0012, 1-1-3 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Minatomirai, Japan

rates* from 500 USD / night


Affiliation The Leading Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 500 USD
Opening Year 2020
Floors 14


Total Guest Rooms 146
Rooms 137
Suites 9
Smallest Bedroom 47 m² / 505 ft²
Largest Bedroom 119 m² / 1280 ft²


Spa/Wellness 1200 m² / 12916 ft²
Treatment Areas 5
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 20 m / 65 ft – 100 m² / 1076 ft²


Restaurants 3


City, Design, Fitness, Floor-to-ceiling-windows, Rooftop Bar, Sauna, Spa, Steam, The Leading Hotels of the World


Destination Information

Marinos Town 0.38 Km away
Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall 0.48 Km away
Pacifico Yokohama 0.5 Km away
Minatomirai Station 0.51 Km away
Minato Mirai 21 0.52 Km away
Shin-Takashima Station 0.64 Km away
Yokohama Museum of Art 0.66 Km away
Ōoka River 0.7 Km away
Cosmo Clock 21 0.81 Km away
Yokohama Cosmo World 0.83 Km away
Hara Model Railway Museum 0.84 Km away
Yokohama Landmark Tower 0.87 Km away
CupNoodles Museum Yokohama 0.88 Km away
Nippon Maru Memorial Park 0.97 Km away
Yokohama Port Museum 0.97 Km away
Nippon Maru (1930) 0.97 Km away
Takashimachō Station 1.0 Km away
Yokohama Station 1.09 Km away
Yashima Gakuen University 1.1 Km away
Sakuragichō train fire 1.1 Km away
Kanagawa Station (Kanagawa) 1.15 Km away
Institute of Information Security 1.15 Km away
Kamonyama Park 1.28 Km away
Japan Coast Guard Museum Yokohama 1.29 Km away
Sakuragichō Station 1.31 Km away
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 1.38 Km away
Bashamichi Station 1.38 Km away
NYK Maritime Museum 1.43 Km away
Tobe Station 1.45 Km away
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History 1.48 Km away
Tammachi Station 1.52 Km away
Yokohama Customs Museum 1.62 Km away
Hiranumabashi Station 1.64 Km away
Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama 1.67 Km away
Keikyū Higashi-kanagawa Station 1.7 Km away
Hama Wing 1.74 Km away
SBI Graduate School 1.74 Km away
Higashi-Kanagawa Station 1.75 Km away
Port of Yokohama 1.76 Km away
Kanagawa Prefecture 1.82 Km away
Nishi-ku, Yokohama 1.82 Km away
Yokohama Archives of History 1.88 Km away
Nihon-ōdōri Station 1.9 Km away
Yokohama Silk Museum 1.94 Km away
Yokohama Curry Museum 1.94 Km away
Kanagawa Korean Jr./ Sr. High School 1.98 Km away
Hinodechō Station 1.99 Km away
Yokohama Zoo 2.02 Km away
Nogeyama Zoo 2.02 Km away
Yokohama 2.06 Km away
Isezakichō 2.1 Km away
Kannai Station 2.13 Km away
Kanagawa Sohgoh High School 2.15 Km away
Naka-ku, Yokohama 2.16 Km away
Yokohama Stadium 2.17 Km away
St. Andrew's Cathedral (Yokohama) 2.18 Km away
Kanagawa-shimmachi Station 2.19 Km away
Heichinrou 2.34 Km away
Mitsuzawa-shimochō Station 2.34 Km away
Hikawa Maru 2.35 Km away
Higashi-Hakuraku Station 2.36 Km away
Isezaki-chōjamachi Station 2.37 Km away
Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium 2.38 Km away
Volleyball at the 1964 Summer Olympics 2.38 Km away
Hotel New Grand 2.41 Km away
Yokohama Chinatown 2.43 Km away
Yokohama Overseas Chinese School 2.43 Km away
Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Suiran High School 2.46 Km away
Nishi-Yokohama Station 2.48 Km away
Yokohama Marine Tower 2.56 Km away
Yokohama Ma Zhu Miao 2.57 Km away
Koyasu Station 2.66 Km away
Yokohama Yamate Chinese School 2.7 Km away
Motomachi-Chūkagai Station 2.71 Km away
Koganechō Station 2.73 Km away
Motomachi, Yokohama 2.76 Km away
Ishikawachō Station 2.79 Km away
NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Football Stadium 2.84 Km away
Bandōbashi Station 2.9 Km away
Ferris University 2.97 Km away
Yokohama Jogakuin Junior and Senior High School 2.97 Km away
Ferris Girls' Junior & Senior High School 2.98 Km away
Tennōchō Station 2.99 Km away
Mitsuzawa-kamichō Station 3.03 Km away
Hakuraku Station 3.08 Km away
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Yokohama 3.13 Km away
Harbor View Park (Yokohama) 3.14 Km away
Christ Church, Yokohama 3.17 Km away
Yamate 3.22 Km away
Bluff Hospital 3.22 Km away
Roman Catholic Diocese of Yokohama 3.23 Km away
Museum of Tin Toys 3.25 Km away
Yokohama City University Medical Center 3.3 Km away
Yoshinochō Station 3.3 Km away
Shin-Koyasu Station 3.32 Km away
Nissan Engine Museum 3.35 Km away
Minamiōta Station 3.35 Km away
Keikyū Shinkoyasu Station 3.38 Km away
Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 3.44 Km away
Saint Maur International School 3.45 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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