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Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Time: 07:53 / Sunrise: 05:40 / Sunset: 21:29

Vevey 1800, 49, Rue d Italie, City Centre, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

rates* from 300 USD / night


Affiliation The Leading Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 300 USD
Opening Year 1842
Floors 4


Total Guest Rooms 71
Rooms 33
Suites 38
Smallest Bedroom 24 m² / 258 ft²
Largest Bedroom 245 m² / 2637 ft²
Largest Bedroom Indoor 155 m² / 1668 ft² – Outdoor 90 m² / 968 ft²


Spa/Wellness 1200 m² / 12916 ft²
Treatment Areas 9
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 24 m / 78 ft – 96 m² / 1033 ft²


Restaurants 2


Boutique, City, Garden, Gym, Historic, Lake, Medical Spa, Sauna, Smoke Free, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor, The Leading Hotels of the World


Destination Information

Hotel des Trois Couronnes 0.05 Km away
Fork of Vevey 0.14 Km away
Musée Jenisch 0.39 Km away
Aile Castle 0.53 Km away
Vevey railway station 0.59 Km away
Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut District 0.8 Km away
Swiss Museum of Games 0.83 Km away
Fête des Vignerons 0.93 Km away
Vevey 0.93 Km away
Corsier-sur-Vevey 0.93 Km away
Vevey District 0.93 Km away
AGSB University 0.96 Km away
Stade de Copet 1.2 Km away
Corseaux 1.44 Km away
La Tour-de-Peilz 1.72 Km away
Hauteville Castle 1.84 Km away
Manoir de Ban 1.92 Km away
Jongny 2.77 Km away
Haut-Lac International Bilingual School 2.8 Km away
Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz 2.87 Km away
Chardonne 2.98 Km away
Blonay Castle 3.45 Km away
Crêtes Castle 3.61 Km away
LRG University of Applied Sciences 3.66 Km away
Blonay–Chamby museum railway 3.76 Km away
Saint-Saphorin 3.78 Km away
Clarens, Switzerland 3.98 Km away
Blonay 4.1 Km away
Châtelard Castle, Vaud 4.13 Km away
Mont Pèlerin 4.81 Km away
Mont Pèlerin TV Tower 4.84 Km away
Montreux Jazz Festival 4.85 Km away
Glérolles Castle 4.99 Km away
Fairmont Le Montreux Palace 5.01 Km away
Montreux railway station 5.4 Km away
Montreux Oberland Bernois Railway 5.47 Km away
Hôtel Splendid 5.5 Km away
Hotel Institute Montreux 5.63 Km away
Rivaz 5.67 Km away
Montreux Casino 5.86 Km away
Montreux 5.97 Km away
Les Pléiades 6.09 Km away
Glion Institute of Higher Education 6.35 Km away
Mountain Studios 6.39 Km away
Bossonnens 6.48 Km away
Attalens 6.48 Km away
Granges, Switzerland 6.57 Km away
Territet–Glion funicular railway 6.61 Km away
Glion 6.62 Km away
Remaufens 6.63 Km away
Montreux–Glion–Rochers-de-Naye Railway 6.72 Km away
Chexbres 6.8 Km away
Puidoux 6.8 Km away
Hôtel des Alpes-Grand Hôtel 6.86 Km away
Bossonnens Castle 6.92 Km away
Montreux Business University 6.95 Km away
Territet 7.03 Km away
Les Avants–Sonloup funicular 7.17 Km away
A9 motorway (Switzerland) 7.26 Km away
Surval Montreux 7.29 Km away
Caux, Switzerland 7.38 Km away
Les Avants 7.4 Km away
Glion Tunnel 7.41 Km away
Saint-Gingolph 7.46 Km away
Saint-Gingolph, Switzerland 7.46 Km away
Caux Palace Hotel 7.46 Km away
Lake Geneva region 7.63 Km away
Treytorrens (Lavaux) 7.73 Km away
Lac de Bret 7.75 Km away
Chillon Castle 7.84 Km away
Viaduc de Chillon 7.87 Km away
Cesar Ritz Colleges 7.98 Km away
Veytaux 8.03 Km away
Villeneuve, Vaud 8.37 Km away
Swiss Vapeur Parc 8.39 Km away
Le Bouveret 8.42 Km away
Maracon 8.45 Km away
Lavaux 8.64 Km away
Lavaux District 8.8 Km away
Epesses 8.8 Km away
Corbetta (mountain) 8.96 Km away
Les Thioleyres 9.1 Km away
Lavaux-Oron District 9.2 Km away
Riex 9.2 Km away
Châtel-Saint-Denis 9.24 Km away
Noville, Switzerland 9.26 Km away
Col de Soladier 9.37 Km away
Palézieux railway station 9.38 Km away
Lac des Joncs 9.75 Km away
Dent de Jaman 9.85 Km away
Col de Jaman 9.94 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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