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Hotel de la Cite

Time: 15:49 / Sunrise: 06:22 / Sunset: 21:12

Carcassonne 11000, Place Auguste-Pierre Pont, Medieval Town Centre, France

rates* from 243 USD / night


Rates* per Night from 243 USD
Opening Year 1909
Floors 3
High Season April – October
Low Season November – March
Annual Closing February – February


Total Guest Rooms 61
Rooms 40
Suites 21
Smallest Bedroom 25 m² / 269 ft²
Largest Bedroom 165 m² / 1776 ft²
Largest Bedroom Indoor 65 m² / 699 ft² – Outdoor 100 m² / 1076 ft²


Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 10 m / 32 ft – 50 m² / 538 ft²


Restaurants 3


Boutique, Castle, City, Garden, Golf Nearby, Historic, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Basilica of Saints Nazarius and Celsus 0.05 Km away
Canton of Carcassonne-2 0.76 Km away
Carcassonne Cathedral 1.09 Km away
Carcassonne 1.13 Km away
Canton of Carcassonne-1 1.32 Km away
Roman Catholic Diocese of Carcassonne-Narbonne 1.33 Km away
Stade Albert Domec 1.35 Km away
Pont Marengo 1.57 Km away
Arrondissement of Carcassonne 1.59 Km away
Gare de Carcassonne 1.62 Km away
Déversoir de St-Jean 2.07 Km away
Cazilhac, Aude 2.43 Km away
Canton of Carcassonne-3 2.69 Km away
Fresquel Aqueduct 3.64 Km away
Palaja 4.04 Km away
Épanchoir de Foucaud (siphon) 4.2 Km away
Épanchoir de Foucaud 4.22 Km away
Berriac 4.38 Km away
Carcassonne Airport 4.52 Km away
Épanchoir de Charques 4.53 Km away
Saume Aqueduct 4.6 Km away
Cavanac 4.96 Km away
Canton of La Vallée de l'Orbiel 4.96 Km away
Lac de la Cavayère 5.14 Km away
Déversion de la Raye 5.22 Km away
Villemoustaussou 5.27 Km away
Villedubert 5.62 Km away
Pennautier 5.73 Km away
Canton of La Montagne d'Alaric 6.29 Km away
Orbiel Aqueduct 6.29 Km away
Trèbes 6.47 Km away
Gare de Couffoulens-Leuc 6.75 Km away
Bouilhonnac 6.96 Km away
Couffoulens 7.12 Km away
Villalier 7.13 Km away
Montirat, Aude 7.14 Km away
Villegailhenc 7.17 Km away
Leuc 7.22 Km away
Fontiès-d'Aude 7.73 Km away
Épanchoir de Ste-Julia 7.87 Km away
Conques-sur-Orbiel 7.9 Km away
Lavalette, Aude 8.07 Km away
Malves-en-Minervois 8.28 Km away
Roullens 8.51 Km away
Preixan 8.82 Km away
Caux-et-Sauzens 8.92 Km away
Gare de Verzeille 9.03 Km away
Rustiques 9.1 Km away
Villefloure 9.18 Km away
Verzeille 9.27 Km away
Ventenac-Cabardès 9.32 Km away
Bagnoles 9.56 Km away
Pezens 9.59 Km away
Monze, Aude 9.64 Km away
Sauzens Aqueduct 9.67 Km away
Mas-des-Cours 9.73 Km away
Rouffiac-d'Aude 9.92 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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