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Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola

Time: 23:02 / Sunrise: 06:33 / Sunset: 18:32

Lugano 6906, Viale Castagnola 31, Central Lakeshore Location, Tessin, The Alps, Switzerland

rates* from 340 USD / night

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Affiliation Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Rates* per Night from 340 USD
Opening Year 1885
Renovation Year 2012
Floors 5
Altitude 300 m / 984 ft
High Season April – October
Low Season November – March


Total Guest Rooms 74
Rooms 42
Suites 32
Smallest Bedroom 22 m² / 236 ft²
Largest Bedroom 100 m² / 1076 ft²


Spa/Wellness 100 m² / 1076 ft²
Treatment Areas 2
Pool(s) 1
Pool Size 15 m / 49 ft – 90 m² / 968 ft²
Tennis Courts 1


Restaurants 2


All Bedrooms have balconies, Boutique, City, Garden, Grand Hotel, Gym, Historic, Lake, Sauna, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor, Tennis Court


Destination Information

Monte Brè funicular 0.06 Km away
Cassarate 0.25 Km away
Castagnola-Cassarate 0.7 Km away
Castagnola 0.7 Km away
Aldesago 0.76 Km away
Cassarate (river) 0.76 Km away
Brè-Aldesago 0.78 Km away
Advanced Learning and Research Institute 0.98 Km away
Università della Svizzera italiana 1.03 Km away
Pregassona 1.15 Km away
Monte Brè 1.31 Km away
BSI Ltd 1.36 Km away
Viganello 1.54 Km away
Molino Nuovo 1.58 Km away
Cathedral of Saint Lawrence (Lugano) 1.64 Km away
Lugano Città–Stazione funicular 1.67 Km away
Canton of Lugano 1.68 Km away
Lugano District 1.69 Km away
Lugano 1.69 Km away
Roman Catholic Diocese of Lugano 1.69 Km away
Eurovision Song Contest 1956 1.69 Km away
Lugano railway station 1.78 Km away
Cureggia 1.89 Km away
Savosa 1.89 Km away
Massagno 1.89 Km away
Porza 1.89 Km away
Cornaredo Stadium 2.0 Km away
Loreto, Switzerland 2.08 Km away
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre 2.15 Km away
Besso, Ticino 2.15 Km away
Brè 2.16 Km away
Pista La Resega 2.25 Km away
Grison Alps 2.45 Km away
Gandria 2.45 Km away
Franklin University Switzerland 2.57 Km away
Lake Lugano 2.59 Km away
Caprino, Switzerland 2.6 Km away
Lugano-Paradiso railway station 2.64 Km away
Sorengo railway station 2.79 Km away
Soragno 2.85 Km away
Sorengo 2.9 Km away
Canobbio 2.99 Km away
Paradiso, Ticino 2.99 Km away
Sorengo Laghetto railway station 3.0 Km away
Vezia 3.03 Km away
Breganzona 3.15 Km away
Sottoceneri 3.17 Km away
Monte San Salvatore funicular 3.18 Km away
Pazzallo 3.21 Km away
Gentilino 3.25 Km away
Cureglia 3.35 Km away
Comano, Ticino 3.35 Km away
Lago di Muzzano 3.38 Km away
Pambio Noranco 3.39 Km away
Pambio 3.44 Km away
Davesco 3.44 Km away
Davesco-Soragno 3.44 Km away
Biogno 3.65 Km away
Monte San Salvatore 3.71 Km away
Cappella-Agnuzzo railway station 3.75 Km away
Monte Boglia 3.89 Km away
Casinò di Campione 3.97 Km away
Swiss Customs Museum 4.04 Km away
Cadempino 4.1 Km away
Muzzano, Ticino 4.16 Km away
Noranco 4.16 Km away
Agnuzzo 4.36 Km away
Bioggio Molinazzo railway station 4.37 Km away
Campione d'Italia 4.44 Km away
SUPSI 4.46 Km away
Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research 4.46 Km away
Arogno 4.56 Km away
Sighignola 4.62 Km away
Lamone-Cadempino railway station 4.69 Km away
Bioggio railway station 4.73 Km away
Collina d'Oro 4.84 Km away
Montagnola 4.84 Km away
American School in Switzerland 4.86 Km away
Sonvico 4.95 Km away
Cadro 4.95 Km away
Serocca railway station 5.04 Km away
Alta Valle Intelvi 5.05 Km away
Manno 5.07 Km away
Origlio 5.07 Km away
Grancia 5.25 Km away
Lago d'Origlio 5.39 Km away
Vedeggio 5.43 Km away
Agno, Ticino 5.43 Km away
Agno railway station 5.45 Km away
Bioggio 5.5 Km away
Cademario 5.5 Km away
Lamone 5.59 Km away
Sant'Ambrogio, Valsolda 5.65 Km away
Melide railway station 5.9 Km away
Agra, Switzerland 6.04 Km away
Vaglio 6.15 Km away
Melide causeway 6.2 Km away
Bissone 6.29 Km away
Gravesano 6.33 Km away
Bedano 6.33 Km away

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* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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