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Grand Hills, Broumana

Time: 08:06 / Sunrise: 05:40 / Sunset: 19:46

Beirut 1204, Charkieh Main Road, Broumana, Lebanon

rates* from 215 USD / night

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Hotel Group The Luxury Collection
Rates* per Night from 215 USD
Opening Year 2015
Floors 7
Hotel Grounds 4 hectares / 9 acres
Altitude 750 m / 2460 ft


Total Guest Rooms 164
Rooms 120
Suites 44
Pool Villas/Suites 1
Smallest Bedroom 28 m² / 301 ft²
Largest Bedroom 4131 m² / 44465 ft²


Spa/Wellness 2400 m² / 25833 ft²
Treatment Areas 12
Pool(s) 3
Pool Size 35 m / 114 ft – 280 m² / 3013 ft²
Second Pool Size 15 m / 49 ft – 135 m² / 1453 ft²


Restaurants 3


All Bedrooms have balconies, Butler Service partly, Country, Garden, Gym, Hill, Mountain, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Brummana High School 0.43 Km away
Jouret el ballout 1.15 Km away
Ouyoun 1.81 Km away
Speleo club du liban 2.05 Km away
Roumieh 2.46 Km away
Nabay 2.64 Km away
Ain Saadeh 2.89 Km away
Beit Mery 2.9 Km away
Brummana 2.91 Km away
Baabdat 4.05 Km away
Naccache 4.09 Km away
Abadiyeh, Lebanon 4.58 Km away
Matn District 4.75 Km away
Mezher, Lebanon 4.8 Km away
Zalka 4.89 Km away
Antelias 4.92 Km away
Douar 4.95 Km away
Ras el-Matn 4.99 Km away
Rabieh 5.17 Km away
Jal el Dib 5.23 Km away
Middle East University (Lebanon) 5.24 Km away
Jdeideh 5.29 Km away
Maronite Catholic Archeparchy of Antelias 5.33 Km away
Jouar 5.37 Km away
Fanar (Matn) 5.37 Km away
Mansourieh 5.49 Km away
Ras El Kelb 5.78 Km away
Holy See of Cilicia 5.79 Km away
Dora, Lebanon 5.84 Km away
Dik El Mehdi 5.95 Km away
Daychounieh 6.05 Km away
MarMoussa 6.23 Km away
Dahr al-Wahsh 6.28 Km away
Cornet Chahwan 6.43 Km away
Bellevue Medical Center 6.71 Km away
Salima, Lebanon 6.73 Km away
Mar Roukouz 6.88 Km away
Mkalles 6.88 Km away
Kahale 6.97 Km away
Beit Chabab 7.07 Km away
Bikfaya 7.07 Km away
Kfartay 7.13 Km away
Bourj Hammoud Stadium 7.17 Km away
Hope for Peace Monument 7.35 Km away
Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour 7.38 Km away
Dekwaneh 7.38 Km away
Jeita Grotto 7.57 Km away
Ministry of National Defense (Lebanon) 7.64 Km away
Bsous 7.66 Km away
Mhaydseh 7.82 Km away
Bourj Hammoud 7.9 Km away
Bhamdoun 8.03 Km away
Hazmiyeh 8.11 Km away
Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace 8.13 Km away
Aley District 8.13 Km away
Aintoura 8.17 Km away
Notre Dame University – Louaize 8.19 Km away
Saint George Bay 8.2 Km away
Nahr al-Kalb 8.4 Km away
Sin el Fil 8.4 Km away
Yarze 8.7 Km away
Baabda Palace 8.7 Km away
Karantina 8.71 Km away
Zouk Mosbeh 8.71 Km away
Jeita 8.74 Km away
Dhour El Choueir 8.8 Km away
Kaakour 8.81 Km away
Aley 8.83 Km away
Baabda District 8.87 Km away
1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon 9.0 Km away
Antonine University 9.16 Km away
Jesuit Garden (Beirut) 9.2 Km away
Sehaileh 9.27 Km away
Hadeth, Beirut 9.31 Km away
Qmatiye 9.33 Km away
American University of Science and Technology 9.36 Km away
Haret ech Cheikh 9.41 Km away
Bdadoun 9.42 Km away
Achrafieh 9.56 Km away
Baabda 9.64 Km away
Mount Lebanon Governorate 9.64 Km away
Wellspring Learning Community of Beirut 9.65 Km away
Monastery of St. Elias Shwayya 9.68 Km away
ABC Group 9.68 Km away
Btekhnay 9.69 Km away
Syriac Catholic Eparchy of Beirut 9.79 Km away
Qarnayel 9.8 Km away
Ministry of Social Affairs (Lebanon) 9.81 Km away
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants (Lebanon) 9.84 Km away
Badaro 9.89 Km away
Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action 9.91 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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