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Giardino Ascona

Time: 02:46 / Sunrise: 05:52 / Sunset: 21:09

Ascona 6612, Via Segnale 10, Tessin, Lake Maggiore, Switzerland

rates* from 311 USD / night

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Hotel Group Giardino Hotel Group
Affiliation Design Hotels
Accolades 2 Michelin Stars
Rates* per Night from 311 USD
Opening Year 1986
Floors 2
Hotel Grounds 1 hectares / 2 acres
High Season July – September
Annual Closing November – Mid-March


Total Guest Rooms 72
Rooms 54
Suites 18
Smallest Bedroom 25 m² / 269 ft²
Largest Bedroom 70 m² / 753 ft²


Spa/Wellness 300 m² / 3229 ft²
Treatment Areas 7
Pool(s) 2
Pool Size 16 m / 52 ft – 96 m² / 1033 ft²
Second Pool Size 14 m / 45 ft – 84 m² / 904 ft²


Restaurants 2


2 Michelin Stars, All Bedrooms have balconies, Boutique, Design, Design Hotels, Garden, Golf Nearby, Gym, Lake, Mountain, Pet Friendly, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Locarno Airport 6.91 Km away
Lugano Airport 18.71 Km away
Malpensa International Airport 57.99 Km away
Milano Linate Airport 87.02 Km away
Il Caravaggio International Airport 88.36 Km away
Interlaken Air Base 91.12 Km away
Samedan Airport 94.2 Km away
Buochs Airport 96.44 Km away


Destination Information

Maggia (river) 1.07 Km away
Stadio del Lido 1.63 Km away
Ascona 1.81 Km away
Visconteo Castle (Locarno) 1.97 Km away
Locarno District 1.97 Km away
Muralto 1.97 Km away
Locarno 1.97 Km away
San Nazzaro, Switzerland 2.04 Km away
Locarno Festival 2.19 Km away
Losone 2.56 Km away
Locarno railway station 2.63 Km away
Piazzogna 2.78 Km away
Madonna del Sasso, Switzerland 2.79 Km away
Vira (Gambarogno) 3.33 Km away
Orselina 3.75 Km away
Gerra (Gambarogno) 3.78 Km away
Sant'Abbondio 4.16 Km away
Melezzo Orientale 4.19 Km away
Brione sopra Minusio 4.2 Km away
Minusio 4.2 Km away
Magadino 4.61 Km away
Brissago Islands 4.65 Km away
Ronco sopra Ascona 4.77 Km away
Tegna, Switzerland 4.8 Km away
Lake Maggiore 4.95 Km away
Monte Verità 5.11 Km away
Monte Gambarogno 5.24 Km away
Cimetta 5.62 Km away
Verscio 5.71 Km away
Bolle di Magadino 5.78 Km away
Gambarogno 5.88 Km away
Caviano 5.88 Km away
Tenero-Contra 5.89 Km away
Alpe di Neggia 6.07 Km away
Gordemo 6.15 Km away
Avegno Gordevio 6.33 Km away
Pino sulla Sponda del Lago Maggiore 6.66 Km away
Cavigliano 6.75 Km away
Isorno (river) 6.75 Km away
Terre di Pedemonte 6.75 Km away
Contra Dam 6.8 Km away
Indemini 6.8 Km away
Gordola 6.94 Km away
Locarno Airport 6.95 Km away
Avegno, Switzerland 7.05 Km away
Lago di Vogorno 7.2 Km away
Biegno 7.57 Km away
Monte Tamaro 7.8 Km away
Intragna 7.85 Km away
Brissago 7.89 Km away
Quartino, Ticino 8.15 Km away
Madone (Locarno) 8.23 Km away
Delio Lake 8.45 Km away
Gordevio 8.58 Km away
Tronzano Lago Maggiore 8.64 Km away
Berzona 8.7 Km away
Mergoscia 8.7 Km away
Vogorno 8.7 Km away
Monte Ceneri 9.06 Km away
Monte Salmone 9.16 Km away
Veddasca 9.33 Km away
Monte Gradiccioli 9.38 Km away
Monte Ceneri transmitter 9.73 Km away
Auressio 9.91 Km away
Cugnasco-Gerra 9.91 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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