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Four Seasons Hotel Amman

Time: 20:13 / Sunrise: 05:30 / Sunset: 19:41

Amman, 5th Circle, Al-Kindi Street, Jabal Amman, Jordan

rates* from 300 USD / night


Large Pool Large Rooms


Hotel Group Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Rates* per Night from 300 USD
Opening Year 2002
Renovation Year 2020
Floors 15


Total Guest Rooms 192
Rooms 163
Suites 29
Smallest Bedroom 45 m² / 484 ft²
Largest Bedroom 283 m² / 3046 ft²


Spa/Wellness 350 m² / 3767 ft²
Treatment Areas 4
Pool(s) 2
Pool Size 16 m / 52 ft – 144 m² / 1550 ft²
Second Pool Size 14 m / 45 ft – 126 m² / 1356 ft²


Restaurants 3


City, Fitness, Sauna, Spa, Steam, Swimming Pool Indoor, Swimming Pool Outdoor


Destination Information

Arab Medical Center 0.33 Km away
Zahran area 0.33 Km away
Jordan Investment Commission 0.49 Km away
As Saqrah 0.6 Km away
Jordan Gate Towers 1.15 Km away
National Orthodox School 1.15 Km away
Abdoun neighborhood 1.31 Km away
St. Joseph's Church, Amman 1.49 Km away
Jordan Academy of Music 1.66 Km away
Embassy of Indonesia, Amman 1.71 Km away
Abdoun Bridge 1.73 Km away
Wadi Abdoun 1.74 Km away
Jordan Hospital 1.79 Km away
List of ambassadors of China to Jordan 1.86 Km away
W Amman 2.09 Km away
Amman Rotana 2.12 Km away
Zahran Palace 2.13 Km away
The Boulevard (Amman) 2.18 Km away
Rujm Al-Malfouf 2.28 Km away
List of ambassadors of Iran to Jordan 2.28 Km away
Modern American School (Jordan) 2.29 Km away
Abdali area 2.41 Km away
Jabal el-Hussein camp 2.41 Km away
List of ambassadors of France to Jordan 2.46 Km away
Al Khalidi Medical Center 2.48 Km away
Campbell Gray Living 2.57 Km away
Abdali Mall 2.58 Km away
Specialty Hospital, Jordan 2.64 Km away
The Heights Tower 2.69 Km away
Al-Iskan Bank Building 2.71 Km away
Abdali Hospital 2.75 Km away
Le Royal Hotel (Amman) 2.81 Km away
Akilah Hospital 2.92 Km away
Parliament of Jordan 2.92 Km away
American Community School in Amman 3.0 Km away
King Abdullah I Mosque 3.02 Km away
Petra Stadium 3.1 Km away
St. George's Cathedral, Amman 3.22 Km away
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 3.27 Km away
Al Burj (Amman) 3.3 Km away
Amman International Stadium 3.32 Km away
Shmeisani 3.41 Km away
Friday Market (Amman) 3.6 Km away
Martyrs' Memorial (Amman) 3.66 Km away
Mecca Mall 3.98 Km away
Ad-Dustour (Jordan) 4.05 Km away
7Hills Skatepark 4.06 Km away
ʽUrjan ash Sharqiyah 4.14 Km away
Ar Riwaq 4.14 Km away
ʽUrjan al Gharbiyah 4.14 Km away
Jabal Amman 4.15 Km away
Rainbow Street 4.15 Km away
Our Lady of the Annunciation Church, Amman 4.17 Km away
New English School (Jordan) 4.26 Km away
City Mall (Amman) 4.46 Km away
Jabal al-Luweibdeh 4.46 Km away
Belbeisi palace 4.8 Km away
King Hussein Cancer Center 4.8 Km away
Al-Jahith's Treasury 4.88 Km away
Mango House 4.98 Km away
The Duke's Diwan 5.06 Km away
Amman 5.06 Km away
Umayyad Palace 5.06 Km away
Amman Citadel 5.08 Km away
Melkite Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Petra and Philadelphia in Amman 5.1 Km away
Temple of Hercules (Amman) 5.16 Km away
Khirbet es-Sar 5.18 Km away
Raghadan Flagpole 5.21 Km away
Al-Maquar 5.21 Km away
Nymphaeum (Amman) 5.35 Km away
Odeon theater (Amman) 5.61 Km away
Roman Theatre (Amman) 5.61 Km away
Al Hussein Public Parks 5.69 Km away
Royal Automobile Museum 5.79 Km away
Second Battle of Amman 5.85 Km away
First Battle of the Jordan 5.85 Km away
First Battle of Amman 5.85 Km away
Timeline of Amman 5.85 Km away
University of Jordan 5.86 Km away
Jordan Media Institute 5.86 Km away
Ar Rabahiyah 6.1 Km away
Prophet Mohammad Museum 6.11 Km away
King Hussein Mosque 6.11 Km away
Khirbat Siran 6.12 Km away
Rujm ash Shara'irah 6.2 Km away
Khilda 6.2 Km away
Wadi Al-Seer 6.21 Km away
Emirate of Transjordan 6.29 Km away
Raghadan Palace 6.48 Km away
Basman area 6.57 Km away
Al-Wehdat refugee camp 6.68 Km away
Public Security Directorate 6.72 Km away
Princess Sumaya University for Technology 6.84 Km away
Al Bunayyat ash Shamaliyah 6.86 Km away
Umm Quseir, Mogableen and Bnayyat area 7.08 Km away
German Jordanian University 7.12 Km away
Tabarbour 7.23 Km away
University of Petra 7.63 Km away
Bilal, Jordan 7.67 Km away
King Abdullah II Stadium 7.78 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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