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Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons

Time: 18:29 / Sunrise: 07:59 / Sunset: 16:31

Great Milton, Oxford OX44 7PD, Church Road, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

rates* from 900 USD / night

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Hotel Group Belmond
Accolades 2 Michelin Stars
Rates* per Night from 900 USD
Opening Year 1984
Floors 2
Hotel Grounds 12 hectares / 30 acres


Total Guest Rooms 32
Rooms 19
Suites 13
Smallest Bedroom 28 m² / 301 ft²
Largest Bedroom 100 m² / 1076 ft²



Restaurants 1


2 Michelin Stars, Boutique, Cooking Classes, Country, Garden, Helipad, Historic, Pet Friendly, Smoke Free


RAF Benson 11.16 Km away
Oxford (Kidlington) Airport 20.63 Km away
Wycombe Air Park 22.76 Km away
RAF Brize Norton 34.09 Km away
Blackbushe Airport 46.83 Km away
RAF Fairford 48.29 Km away
RAF Northolt 49.91 Km away
London Heathrow Airport 51.39 Km away
London Luton Airport 52.75 Km away
Farnborough Airport 53.67 Km away
RAF Odiham 54.65 Km away
Lasham Airport 59.02 Km away
RAF Lyneham 66.57 Km away
Cotswold Airport 66.76 Km away
Gloucestershire Airport 76.54 Km away
Coventry Airport 77.31 Km away
London City Airport 82.61 Km away
Redhill Aerodrome 86.53 Km away
Southampton Airport 87.19 Km away
London Biggin Hill Airport 88.82 Km away
London Gatwick Airport 88.89 Km away
London Stansted Airport 93.11 Km away
Birmingham International Airport 93.44 Km away
Duxford Aerodrome 93.68 Km away
RAF Wyton 97.97 Km away
Chichester/Goodwood Airport 98.09 Km away


Destination Information

Great Milton 0.48 Km away
Great Haseley 1.31 Km away
Little Milton, Oxfordshire 1.82 Km away
Cuddesdon and Denton 2.3 Km away
Oxford services 2.51 Km away
Cuddesdon Palace 2.9 Km away
Cuddesdon 2.94 Km away
Ripon College Cuddesdon 3.05 Km away
Waterstock House Training Centre 3.05 Km away
Oxford Centre for Ecclesiology and Practical Theology 3.05 Km away
Bishop Edward King Chapel 3.06 Km away
Bullingdon Rural District 3.08 Km away
Tiddington railway station 3.22 Km away
Denton, Oxfordshire 3.41 Km away
Tiddington, Oxfordshire 3.43 Km away
Tiddington-with-Albury 3.6 Km away
Albury, Oxfordshire 3.78 Km away
Waterperry Gardens 3.99 Km away
Waterperry 4.03 Km away
Hundred of Hormer 4.28 Km away
Rycote 4.45 Km away
Rycote House 4.46 Km away
Waterstock 4.46 Km away
Wheatley railway station 4.59 Km away
St Mary the Virgin, Wheatley 4.63 Km away
Garsington Manor 4.66 Km away
Wheatley, Oxfordshire 4.69 Km away
Chalgrove Airfield 4.72 Km away
Brookhampton, Oxfordshire 4.77 Km away
Garsington 4.78 Km away
Stadhampton 4.82 Km away
Wheatley Windmill, Wheatley, Oxfordshire 4.89 Km away
Chiselhampton 5.0 Km away
Littleworth, South Oxfordshire 5.22 Km away
Wheatley Park School 5.22 Km away
Waterperry with Thomley 5.3 Km away
Ickford 5.31 Km away
Holton, Oxfordshire 5.37 Km away
Battle of Chalgrove Field 5.41 Km away
Tetsworth 5.74 Km away
Stoke Talmage 5.82 Km away
Chalgrove 5.84 Km away
Shabbington 5.89 Km away
The Swan (Tetsworth inn) 5.9 Km away
Headington Rural District 5.99 Km away
Horspath Halt railway station 6.06 Km away
Horspath 6.15 Km away
Shotover Park 6.19 Km away
Newington, Oxfordshire 6.21 Km away
Great Holcombe 6.22 Km away
Easington, South Oxfordshire 6.24 Km away
Toot Baldon 6.28 Km away
Worminghall 6.29 Km away
Wheatfield, Oxfordshire 6.68 Km away
Drayton St. Leonard 6.78 Km away
Forest Hill with Shotover 6.83 Km away
Forest Hill, Oxfordshire 6.97 Km away
Marsh Baldon 7.03 Km away
Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum 7.05 Km away
Oxford City Athletic Club 7.07 Km away
Cuxham with Easington 7.08 Km away
Moreton, Thame, Oxfordshire 7.1 Km away
Shotover 7.19 Km away
Adwell House 7.34 Km away
Adwell 7.37 Km away
RAF Oakley 7.4 Km away
Baldon Row 7.41 Km away
Baldons 7.41 Km away
Morris Cowley railway station 7.46 Km away
Heart Oxfordshire 7.47 Km away
Blackbird Leys 7.55 Km away
Little Baldon air crash 7.56 Km away
Oxford Stadium 7.57 Km away
Lord Williams's School 7.63 Km away
Brightwell Baldwin 7.67 Km away
Little Baldon 7.73 Km away
South Oxfordshire 7.96 Km away
Henley (UK Parliament constituency) 7.96 Km away
Magna Carta College 8.01 Km away
Kassam Stadium 8.02 Km away
Northfield School & Sports College 8.04 Km away
Cuttle Brook 8.09 Km away
Cuxham 8.09 Km away
The Kilns 8.11 Km away
Oxford Military College 8.12 Km away
Oxford Business Park 8.12 Km away
Cowley Barracks 8.13 Km away
Berrick Salome 8.13 Km away
Nuneham Courtenay 8.15 Km away
South Weston 8.22 Km away
Culham Rural District 8.22 Km away
Stanton St. John 8.27 Km away
Littlemore Priory scandals 8.3 Km away
Risinghurst 8.31 Km away
Harcourt Arboretum 8.31 Km away
Berinsfield 8.33 Km away
Oxford East (UK Parliament constituency) 8.33 Km away
Risinghurst and Sandhills 8.41 Km away
Morris Motors Sports Ground 8.42 Km away
Thame Museum 8.43 Km away

* The rate displayed is of an indicative nature, actual rates may vary.

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